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70 AMX


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I think it looks good too, one thing I would add, is your wheels stick out a bit too far from the tires.

Up front right? It's because I used the wrong inserts. The directions are a jumble and I already had everything glued before I added the wheels, Then got angry when they didn't fit right. The directions are basically building all three versions at once. They had the bright idea of using stars to distinguish between the variations, but the stars look similar. The directions are very confusing.

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nice 70 AMX, I'm restoring a 69

I've got one too. I thought about restoring it, but I need the stripes. Not sure of the scale, and not sure if I want to pay to get the stripe decals. The model was in good shape, with decals, but for some reason the body wasn't painted, while the rest of the car was.

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