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Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"


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"I don't think" you want to chance it. Why give them any reason to look twice at your car?

You just want their eyes to wash over it as you roll past on a closed throttle praying it doesn't pop, crackle or spit back too loudly and that they don't notice that behind the cable tied hub caps you've got matt black 12" mags with speedway tyres...

Not to mention the fun of trying to overtake slower traffic when you can't see round it and have to rely on the navigators expression to judge when to pull out - if he's not actually screaming then it must be clear yes?

But of course everyone can do what they want. I just like to think through all the options before I start to build. Which is probably why I won't actually start for 9 to 10 months...

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Ive decided on running gear, gonna pick up a NASCAR kit. Now i need figure out what to hide it under.

They fit real nice under a '58 Chev...


...or with a bit of cutting, under a Nissan Cherry


However, my original inspiration for the '58 was an early 50's Hudson on a late model NASCAR chassis which was featured in one of Hot Rod's Dare to be Different issues.

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I have decided, after a lot of ideas i am going with a 40 Ford sedan Delivery, with a Ferrari Testarossa for the driveline and suspension,

with the right paint job, it should only look like a very tidy shop truck, i hope.

I am calling it " TESTOSTARONE "


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Alright you animals. It's time to kick the tires and light the fires. Fire up your shop crew and get cracking.

Don't forget to post up a pic of the parts/kits/re-builder you are starting with if you haven't already done so.

I'll get some pics up later tonight.

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Happy New Year All!! My official entry for my first-time Cannonball build. The 1971 Nissan 2000 GT-R hardtop. I will be using the engine and driveline from the C-6 Compuserve Corvette with some alterations for street use. I'll be taming the body to look more like the base coupe than the GT-R.



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I've been salvaging parts from kits and buying jumkers for various reasons so will have to head down to the garage for a look at what might work. A couple ideas brewing ..

I've avoided this and other group builds because of my finishing record, but many were noted for not finishing the Cannonball!

have some ideas involving a 968 or wreched Ferrari .. but there are piles down there ))

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Two running for me this year!


The Chevy is almost done, so I decided to go with the Scout as well. The Scout is going to be a painter's rig, just like it was before when I built it back when I was seven, even the same phone number.

It's going to need a whole new frame, just because the last one looked horrible, not to mention it was 4WD, which I didn't want. I'm going to scratch a new frame out of Evergreen.

The Chevy has a smallblock. I'm going to make headers for it, and two straightpipes with dual Cherry Bombs. I'm going for an Army surplus beater look.


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This is what I'm starting with .Not sure how to get all the Corvette chassis under the Smart ,but I'll figure it out. The Smart is a snap kit so I can take it apart and put it back together as much as I need to, it also comes with 3 front nose cones, doors ,and rear fenders. It looks like I'm missing one of the rear tires ,that should be fun to find.


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Okay. Here's my starting point. Released once in its stock form and once as a custom. My parts seem to have a little of both kits. I got this from a friend who got it off eBay. Pretty sure it's a '77.



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