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  2. 69 Corvette 427

    That is sharp!
  3. Autoquiz 358

    Please no comments about the type, year or make for this vehicle. Please sent PM
  4. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

  5. Jet Rod Community Build

    Cool builds guys, love the creativity.
  6. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    Hey Mike, what scale were you planning on making the tires in.. 1/24 and up or just a specific scale?. I see large scale missing alot of options. Starting at 1/18 and up. I normally build in 1/12. Over the years i found and collected tires from RC cars but the sizes werent accurate 100% and the tread patern was always mediocre. I also made a rear pro street tire using a Muscle Machine rear tire and the sidewalls of the kit slick from one of the original 1/12 orange Camaro kits.. eventually i made a mold and casted it in Rubber. I know alot of guys want to build Pro Street cars, 10.5 tire cars, pro touring cars etc so mostly any tires are a big welcome in 3D... I sold a few of my tires back in the day. I wasnt all easy either lol.. but i had Micro Nitro help out with wheels. I shipped a few of my tires to him and he made measurements of them so when a client wanted a certain subject we could entertain them but it wasnt always the case... maybe making certain teams of wheels and tires might help you? Offsets are also something to think about. Tires that i would like to see are the current BFG 235/60r15 through 275/60r15 , L60's from the 70's..... Slicks for Pro Streets, front runners for drag racing etc.. those are the one i think are missing from the hobbie in large scale.. its just hard because certain project depend on certain tires.. I stopped making tires in rubber a while back when Micro Nitro was sold.. so no more tire making for me lol...just make tires you think might benefit for the hobbie.. and hey thank you for helping or atleast trying to help... 👍👍
  7. 69 Camaro Pace Car convertible

    Super job on that model.. Looks really clean.
  8. According to the brochure below you got springs, shocks, and front and rear stabilizers. Tires were G70-15 and or FR78-14 .
  9. Today
  10. The tires to use in the 1960's were "Atlas Bucrons" sold at Standard Gas stations. They were very soft butyl rubber with 2 grooves....................didn't last very long but they could really grip the asphalt. They were like having cheater slicks.
  11. Jet Rod Community Build

    Daxman those redesigned rear side jets on your VW look way much better now.
  12. potvin supercharger

    Yes. The AMT double-dragster kit is mentioned above, and the shot of the Hemi engine by Landman actually shows the AMT parts-pack version, NOT the Revell version as stated. Good points. To elaborate: Lathams supply very low boost pressure at low RPM, and the Allison engine is limited to about 2500 RPM in its original military aircraft use, somewhat higher in racing planes, boats, pulling tractors, etc. A Latham would be useless. The Potvin-driven GMC blowers would provide around 8-20 PSI of boost depending on the size of the blower and the over-or-under-drive ratio. But you have to also remember that a single Potvin-driven blower only provides enough VOLUME of air for roughly a 400 cubic inch engine, and the Allison is 1710 cubic inches. And most of the Potvin rigs were 6-71 blowers anyway. As the centrifugal supercharger that's represented with the AMT Allison kit was used to increase high altitude performance (air gets thinner the higher you go, and to maintain sea-level power you need boost at altitude), different drive ratios could be used to alter the output of the supercharger for various conditions. You can seriously raise the centrifugal blower's output for sea-level use without resorting to any additional means of supercharging...and avoid having a Rube Goldberg / Mickey Mouse cobbled up Potvin-style setup. Or you can use a couple of BIG turbos, and blow their output into the existing centrifugal supercharger for even more boost.
  13. '51 Ford Bronco Time to toss another virtual project on the pile. After seeing this MCM thread about Marmon-Harrington conversion kits (or the current lack thereof), I tried to see if I could find build threads elsewhere, and surfed across this 1:1 custom Ford "Suburban" page. A little shortening and moving areas here and there, and the somewhat quick & dirty photo alteration results are below. Start with a Monogram '55 panel van , find a '51 Race Motors Replicas (if they are still around) front end resin set if you want that, and go from there, but good luck on the 4x4 conversion until someone creates a resin conversion kit ....
  14. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    I see what you mean regarding brand. Are you referring to the "raised" letters like this?
  15. Deleting my own posts?

    Deleting your own posts is a double edged sword, and was getting abused, so we disabled it. If you want to delete a post or lock a thread, report it to the mods with your request in the report. We'll take it from there.
  16. Ducati 1199 Tricolore

    Hi all, Here is my first ever attempt at a motor bike kit. The kit in question is tamiya's Ducati 1199 Tricolore in 1:12 scale. This is my favourite motorbike, I really like the design of it and how everything is packaged so neatly in the body. The kit was very easy to work with, very little modifications had to be made. In addition to the kit, i got the detail up set from tamiya which adds metal suspension forks, rear suspension oil resivoir and disc brake rivets. for the little bit extra cost, I highly recommend getting this, as the added detail is unreal. Anyway, enjoy the photos below. Thanks
  17. What do you drive?

    Great story, looks like you had a lot of fun over the years.
  18. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    A decent set of pickup truck tires that are beefy and wide without being "mudders", brand irrelevant, but branded non-the less. Otherwise, decent hot rod options, just have a name brand on them. Just irks me that there are all many kit tires, unbranded.
  19. These look like the old MPC tires. While they certainly wouldn't work with the chrome reversed wheels I would think you could make them work with the stock steelies. Other than maybe clearance issues?
  20. The kit I have is: by Testors/Fujimi #392. On the cover is a very dark picture of the Porsche, if that helps. It has 161 parts so I really need the instructions! Thanks
  21. Golden Commandos 1965 Plymouth

    I agree with that. And even though I could get a new replacement body, I should pay the shipping for that one. So instead of trying to get one, I guess my only real choice is to try and fix the body that I have now. I also have the Melrose Missile kit and it has a warped body as well, but it's luckily not as bad as this one, but then again my regular Belvedere kit has a perfect body in it.
  22. wire wheels???

    And we're mostly talking here about metal items.
  23. 69 Camaro Pace Car convertible

    One of my all time favourites. top notch work-you should be proud of this one
  24. 68 GTX grille

    That grille looks great what will you price them at
  25. potvin supercharger

    Does not the AMT double dragster with the Fiat body and period rail have a Potvin blower option? Does not the AMT parts pack have a 283 with Potvin Option?
  26. 69 Corvette 427

    That really jumps out! Nice.
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