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  2. I've never used these before. I guess you would wipe the tire side-wall down with a solvent. Then center the sticker. Then spray it with clear acrylic? Then dull coat it. How does that sound? Comments, anyone, please? Thanks.
  3. I've never used these before. I guess you would wipe the tire side-wall down with a solvent. Then center the sticker. Then spray it with clear acrylic? Then dull coat it. How does that sound? Comments, anyone, please? Thanks.
  4. Corvair rampside

    Tamiya is offering a Corvair Rampside? Wow! I hope this info is true.
  5. AMT Surf Woody

    My Mother the Car model car was a modified version of AMT's '27 Ford Model T Touring kit.
  6. Thanks alot everyone. What I ended up doing: I bought regular spark plug wire, 0.012", and their racing spark plug wire, which was 0.016". And I bought it from Detail Master.
  7. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    I like it! The struggle makes the victory that much sweeter.
  8. A small update for the Dodge. It's now all one color, but, this is just the beginning for more work to be done. Thanks fer lookin. Dan
  9. Well done, I have been thinking about building one of these trucks. Looks real nice
  10. AMC Matador - dad's build

    It was fun there, my Uncle maintained his race car there also. The me ories of youth.
  11. The sleeper I used for my 76 LTL9000 conversion kit, (like the red and white LTL9000 brochure pic above), comes from the AMT Peterbilt 359 kit. The third issue with a slightly flat top and rounded roof edges. Ford did not produce any sleepers so any aftermarket sleeper would be acceptable.
  12. Revell's 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

    I agree with most everybody here. A very nice model.
  13. AMC Matador - dad's build

    I had hunch on that. Cool.
  14. Blue Bandito

    Beautiful. The color looks correct to what is on the box art. I like it.
  15. AMC Matador - dad's build

    Uncle Scott, that would be the one. My Step Dad had his 74 AMX in for something, and my Uncle was the body shop manager. Loved hanging out at the shop.
  16. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Oh, and by the way. I may have used Fred Cady decals in the past when I built my MPC Ford GT40 Mk IV a couple of years ago. I don't remember for sure if I used Fred Cady decals or not. Fred Cady did make decals for the GT40 Mk IV. If they were Fred Cady decals, they were pretty good.
  17. Benny Parsons

    I agree
  18. 2019 Ram

    Exactly right , people want the suv/ trucks and the factories pump them out . My employer is a HUGE manufacturer of timing systems for most of the automotive industry. .most not all ..and we're always informed how important truck sales are . The big announcement we were excited to hear is Ford hinted about the return of the full size Bronco..I can't wait to see one first hand knowing if the Coyote 5.0 is inside...my company and coworkers produced the chain and timing components inside. Now that gas mileage has increased into the mid 20s..except the beloved Tundra....people can enjoy those trucks and suv's without the pain at the pump.
  19. `62 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible

    fabulous, that is one excellent build love it
  20. 2014 C7 Corvette

    Hello, Started working on the front splitter and rocker moldings ground effects. These are popular options on C7 Stingrays and something I'd definitely get if I had my own. Just a minor tweak and a light sanding before final color coat and installation. Thanks,
  21. Detail Master this is cool !

    Yeah, everyone is out of stock. I will get an email from Hobbylinc, and Megahobby when they get more.
  22. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    A very good link you gave above Snake. ☝️ It really points out the good and bad of this kit very well. And it make me lust for the Fred Cady decals even more. I see Fred Cady had both the "A" and "B" striping package setups. Plus other minor decals, which others sets do not include. By the way, my kit started out in slightly better condition then his, as far as the plastic goes. He had a complete kit on the trees. But, thankfully mine was molded in white plastic and didn't show any ready problems with thickness, flash, or mold lines like his did. Though, the later two may have taken care of by a previous owner of my kit. Another point that has been brought up several times about this kit. Everybody notes the missing side marker lights, required on '68 and '69 Ramblers missing from this kit. I'd like to point out that the interior of this model is also not correct for a '69 SC/Rambler. In '69, at least with the SC/Rambler, they did not come with bucket seats. SC/Ramblers came with a bench. The split reclining bench from what I remember. But, no buckets. I'm not sure if any 1969 Ramber could be equipped with bucket seats or not? Buckets were offered in previous years. So obviously the Jo-Han based this kit with very few modifications on their earlier '67 Ramber Rouge kit. Which was good enough for most of us "kids" back in 1969. I more than likely would not have known the difference back in 1969 or '70, when I was 11 or 12 years old. It would have just look like a correct SC/Rambler to me. If I known what a SC/Rambler was at the time? Which I don't think I knew about the SC/Rambler until two years later, when I saw one in my first Auto World catalog.
  23. #75 Remington Thunderbird

    Nice and neat! Well done.
  24. Phantom Buick Regal

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