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  2. "The Stig Collection" -Lotus Super 7

    Thanks again, Marty!!
  3. "The Stig Collection" -Lotus Super 7

  4. "The Stig Collection" -Ferrari California Spyder

    Thanks, Marty!!, me too!...they take a bit of work, but they're awesome kits!!
  5. "The Stig Collection" -Ferrari California Spyder

    That is absolutely beautiful Dann.Great color-I like Italieri kits !!!
  6. Another Finished Model Porsche 911

    They look good !!!
  7. Hey everyone!, this is my Italeri Ferrari California Spyder. A lot of people don't like Italeri, or Testors-Italeri, but apart from slightly brittle plastic, and a million ejection pin marks, they have some great details and textures! I would build one any day over an AMT, REVELL, Monogram, or Lindberg! Its fully detailed, and has Fujimi wheels n tyres, and seats from my spares bin. The carbs are SB from many bits of styrene.
  8. Great patina. Wheels look great.
  9. Another Finished Model Porsche 911

    Very nice builds. I'm trying to do the same thing. I have far too many started builds.
  10. First Time posting. My most recent build 1940 Ford Pickup. I named this truck "Blonde on Blonde" I hope they post correctly and everyone likes the truck.
  11. Another Finished Model Porsche 911

    Love 911,s!!…..Great job!....nice collection!!
  12. Auto transporter

    Don’t feel bad Pat I did the same thing when I built mine years ago.
  13. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Great taste or less filling?
  14. 240Z Datsun Paul Newman

    Love this car!!...VERY nice!!, bet it looks even better with clearer photos...
  15. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Actually it was a lite beer.
  16. '03 Lamborghini Murcielago - Fujimi

    Well Done!! -I always thought this was an interesting kolor...
  17. "The Stig Collection" -Porsche 911 Turbo

    Thanks, JC!
  18. "The Stig Collection" -Lotus Super 7

    Thanks again, Trevor and everyone else!......i'm glad you stopped by to check it out!!
  19. "The Stig Collection" -Beatles RR

    Thanks a lot, Trevor, and everybody else!....it was a fun build!
  20. Congrats on getting one built. It feels great completing a build after a long hiatus. Looks great.
  21. "The Stig Collection" -Beatles RR

    Seriously awesome build. I am blown away by your paint work. My mind boggles at having to paint all of that in three light coats. That's one of the coolest models I've seen in some time. Very cool, hat's off to you, sir. Very well done!
  22. Revell '41 Willys "Demon II"- Progress-- 14 August

    Thanks Dennis. Mine were like that in some of my past builds and I wanted a more realistic touch to them so starting with my "Demon II" F-100 build I started routing the ignition cables a lot more carefully and uniformly. Seems to tidy things up a bit in the engine compartment. The beginnings of the interior construction are under way. Here's the progress on the door panels. I mixed up some dark grey and thinner and outlined all the recessed areas so when I shot the white over the door panels it would make those areas stand out a little more. A pre-shading of sorts. I found a piece of adhesive backed blue metallic sheet that I applied and cut out around the edges for a neat and clean door insert panel. Then I masked off and painted the door speaker grilles black. I did the same thing with the seats as I did with the door panels on pre-shading all the cracks and crevices with a dark gray, then a medium coat of white followed by a coat of semi-gloss clear. I'm trying to accent the blue lightly throughout the interior without overdoing it. Keep in mind that the seat belts and dash will be blue as well. I had some soda bottles so I drilled two holes to simulate cup holders and slipped a couple of sodas in the center console. Window switch and shifter bezels were picked out with Chrome BMF. There'll be some more blue in here to balance things out colorwise as it's waaaaaaaaaaaay too bright in there right now with no contrasting. Radio face with CD halfway out of the slot will be going on the blue panel at the front of the console. Weird how Revell didn't have a decal slide or radio face molded on it.
  23. 70's Class and rules info

    Looking for anything to help with my 70's era builds, rule books would be great. Stock/SS, MP, etc Googles been no help on this, Thanks Robert
  24. Nixdorf Classic Car Museum

    Looks like a great place to spend an afternoon. That "Thing" on the dash of the '53 Oldsmobile,. In the early to mid '50's GM was playing with automatic head light dimers, which is what you are looking at.
  25. "The Stig Collection" -Lotus Super 7

    Very nice model, great detailing. That thing would be a blast to drive. Add weight and complicate - woohoo!
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