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  2. Ferrari Enzo

    Thanks guys much appreciated
  3. Hey Lee! Nice work, especially noticed that you added some of the missing details to the engine bay! and a photo for a chuckle...
  4. Nice work. You took a low detail kit and really made it pop!
  5. Dakar 2018 build; Renault 5

    That is looking great. I have the same kit that I’ll be doing as a rallycross version
  6. Wanted..70 Model King F-100 & Revell 69 Shelby ...

    Al, Are you looking for a complete Moebius F100 kit or just the grille?
  7. need 6 wheels/tires

    Check out BNL resins, they have all kinds of tires including tractor tires. Might be able to find something close there. I have never dealt with them so I cannot speak to the quality or shipping.
  8. That's pretty cool. I don't think the AMT Coca-Cola AutoCar will need it , though!
  9. Excellent work! Details are fantastic!
  10. Did anyone take any pictures to share ?
  11. Did anyone get any pictures to share ? That used to be one of the high lights of this.
  12. Ferrari Enzo

    Beautiful build!

    A quick update as I don't want to bash a vendor without reason. The following morning USPS is showing that they have the package and it is on it's way. So RFH did ship pretty much immediately after the label was made. I just wonder if it would have shipped had I not contacted them. I guess I'll never know and for now I will give them the benefit of the doubt.
  14. 1/8 scale 32 rolling stock

    Thank you Dave , I'm a huge fan of your 1/8 scale work . At the top of our pyramid Dave ! I did get the front 18x3 Americans done this past week , still need polished and tires . Thanks again Jeff .
  15. 66 Chevelle (Lindberg)

    Another great looking Muscle Car.
  16. 70 Chevelle (Jack Reacher kit)

    Thanks, I'm pretty sure I got them from Competition Resins
  17. Awesome work Chuck! Your creativity is beyond description sometimes.
  18. 69 Camaro (Revell)

    Your wheel choice reminds me of the style of that era, Ansen Sprints with a machined surface. I like how you detailed the instruments. This work is usually lost on a hardtop but with a convertible you can really see it. Had a '69 Camaro hardtop for 18 years and still miss it. Very well built.
  19. 1/16 34 Ford

    Thanks guys , I have way to many stalled projects . Mostly because my strength is wheels and tires and other details just seem to stop me . But that's the beauty of this site , it raises the bar and inspires us .
  20. Estes Garage

    That must have been a quick legal action. I remember when those Great Garages came out, around 2004???. Found one in Wal-Mart, IIRC, and bought it. Then I went looking for a second one. No soap; they couldn't be found anywhere, not in any hobby shops or on-line. Wal-Mart still has a place-holder web page for them, saying "No Longer Available." No kidding. The second link below is a thread from That Other Model Car Magazine, with some more information: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Garages-1-24-scale-model-display-kit/3794 http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/general_discussion/f/3/t/19537.aspx
  21. Great Traders List

    Nice trading with you too br76 (Brandon).
  22. 70 Chevelle (Jack Reacher kit)

    Interesting paint treatment. I like the added gauges in the dash. What was the source of the bucket seats ?
  23. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    The meanest birds we have here are the Mockingbirds..... They are very territorial, and will chase birds that are many times their size.... I've watched them even take on Turkey Vultures........ snakes, you name it, if it's too close to their area they will chase it.
  24. R&M offers two different sizes of the Firestone fronts.
  25. Dakar 2018 build; Renault 5

    Very nice model. Love it. I wish we could get some kits of the vehicles that race in the Dakar.
  26. Today
  27. Gary just finished the Rockwell 6 arm rear suspension commonly seen on the autocar dump truck. Just in time with the recent reissue news of the tractor !! Can u say heavy duty haulers...here's a pic !! Figure I'd pass the word
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