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  2. Howlin' Wolf's Fleetline

    Big Howlin' Wolf fan here, but I didn't know about this car. Great idea for a build, and fine execution!
  3. Actually guys, I have found one! I ended up getting the Revell K100 and it has the Cummins 400 in it so it’s a win win!!!
  4. What did you get today?

    Oh yeah. I could work with that. And I'm sure you can, too.
  5. Howlin' Wolf's Fleetline

    I actually built two of these; the other I gave to Buddy Guy and sits at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago. And with the old parts, I built this.
  6. Revell 1960 Chevy

    You're welcome Dave, I'm glad you kept at it, that is one gorgeous model.
  7. My Son's latest build

    I was always Drawing everything from the magizine. I did build one model that was inspired from a K&B feature... maybe you remember it "The VooDoo Child" from the Dec, 89 Monster Truck issue. Based on the Monogram Patty wagon kit. I'm not the only one to build one... I found this on the web. Here is the cover from that issue...
  8. Young American/ Jade Granade

    You'll probably have to mix and match. The Tommy Ivo dragster has a nice engine and valve covers. Blower hat is'nt too great though. That twin engine dragster "Two Much " has the same engine. The old Revell funny car and dragster kitshad nice blower hats.
  9. Needed Rear fender section from Revell Mustang

    I'll check I should have this .
  10. Need a junk body or just the rear fender from a Revell Monogram 1970 Mustang. Ley me know I have lots to trade.
  11. Awesome color. Very nicely done! What did you use?
  12. Foose Garage 5-18-18

    I got to tour Foose garage 0n 5-18, had to go to San Diego for a wedding. I took a trip up to Hunnington Beach to his garage, I recommend to anybody that goes to Cali.
  13. Mike, I'll hook you up with this stuff when I see you Friday. I'll just bring my kit with me if you'll bring the 4x4 parts you don't want.
  14. 1976 gran torino

    Update on progress. Got started on painting some of the pieces to complete the kit exhaust and engine. I will likely scratch build vacuum hoses and what not once I get the body on. I did my best to create a somewhat anodized look for the normally aluminum parts with some clear yellow. Straight flat aluminum looks a bit flat in my opinion but I Dont know. Here is my attempt at creating strut compression springs. The kit only has a post to represent this part of rear end, likely because it won't show all that well. Here is the process I went through. There is little clearance between the shock and the spring so I used the shock for spacial comparison, as there wasn't much room to fit both. I then soldered the ends for a smoother finish and painted them gloss black. Next I'm on to finishing the body likely.
  15. Budweiser #8 2005 Dale Jr.

    Nice work.
  16. Have a palatte cleanser.

    I noticed that too, but there are far worse things to resemble.
  17. Have a palatte cleanser.

    I noticed that too!
  18. I may need a new regulator?

    Hi, While I prefer analog as it gives me the warm and fuzzies, in some cases digital is more convenient. So I bought this gauge which looks to have a very nice accuracy rating. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0783PYQ27/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Lincoln Futura, not a Ford Futura (which was a Falcon HT).
  20. Have a palatte cleanser.

    I like the back deck as well. Nice looking car.

    You have to see his creativity as a collective whole to be able to judge. Especially the stuff he claimed entirely as his own. Then compare the cars Sam Barris did in his all too brief career. Including one of the first - if not THE FIRST 49 Mercs chopped in So. Cal and the Hirohata Merc, and you'll see who had an eye for design. The fact that George took credit for other builders is legendary. Dean Jefferies, Larry Watson, Bill Hines and probably many more. He was known to buy pre-built customs, change some trim, paint it and then show it as his own creation. It's the one thing that always irked me about his business ethics. Case in point, compare the 66 Batmobile that he gets credit for building and compare it with the Lincoln Futura that it was based on and you'll see 90% of it is Ford's "better idea" the rest is just the gingerbread he added to it. The original Batmobile is the best Batmobile though.
  22. If you are trying to replicate the paint colors of those very early Hot Wheels cars, bear in mind, that Mattel had the diecast bodies plated, then sprayed with transparent colors (a/k/a Candy Colors). In order to replicate that would be to have the bodies, hoods, and any other "sheet metal" panels which would be the body color, chromed, then use candy colors to get the effect of the actual Hot Wheels cars. Art

    Thank you. He was in business that long for a reason. He did quality work. Quality work does not mean beautiful work. If someone wants an ugly car...hey, the bills gotta get paid. I mean gee, Andy Di Dia bragged about spending $150k on his rolling turd. Whatever floats his boat.
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  25. Have a palatte cleanser.

    From the nose to the back of the doors looks a little like the new Ford F40... I like the back deck
  26. Yup. The better option these days is a complete electronic distributor that uses GM HEI guts. Less than $100, one-wire hookup. I put one in my '89 GMC after the computer controlled ignition and EFI went away. Cheap Summit brand, 2 years and still going strong. And modules and caps are available just about everywhere. If the engine checks out good, he'll probably want to replace the carb with something that isn't jetted for emissions, too. The cam that's in the thing also most likely has pointy little low-performance lobes and emissions valve-event timing too. Again, if the rest of the engine checks out solid, a change of cam and lifters would be wise (always replace flat-tappet (non-roller) lifters when you replace a cam, and be CERTAIN to use a break-in oil with plenty of ZDDP). It's also wise to run a ZDDP-containing oil in general service on any old flat-tappet engines. Shell Rotella-T used to be a go-to, but I haven't checked its formulation lately.
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