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  2. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner Is Completed

    Great looking build.
  3. Ukrainian Scale Cars Production (USCP)

    I just ordered their M3 body kit for my E36 BMW 325i by Revell, so I'm glad to read the positive feedback here
  4. 427 Cobra (street car)

    Very nice!
  5. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    Nice job!
  6. 67 Shelby hi po race car—Updated 1/23/18

    Great job on the flares
  7. 70 AMX

    Nice build sir
  8. Stretched Revell kw k100 updated nov 23 2017

    Thanks. Been slow going this week. Busy at work and pooped when i get home haha. Did get the rest of the intake and exhaust piping painted so hope to put the engine in the frame once and for all soon. Might try to detail it up a little with some hoses but finding good clear photos of the twin turbo cummins has priven difficult. Oh well.
  9. 69 Corvette 427

    That colour really pops. Nice job on the louvers.
  10. TS-13 on Zero paints

    Hope you don't mind me chipping in at this point, and I am by no means an expert, but I deal with Steve at Hiroboy / Zero Paints in this country and generally have not run into any problems. Like you Joe, I apply two coats of light grey primer which is Zero airbrushed, then three coats of colour which is also Zero airbrushed, and then wait 24 hours and apply Clearcoat Lacquer, also Zero airbrushed. All I am suggesting is that you could use Zero Paints airbrushed Clearcoat Lacquer as an alternative to Tamiya TS-13 rattle can. Just recently I am now experimenting with Halfords grey primer rattle can, and also I have used successfully some decanted cellulose Rolls-Royce paint on a resin bodied scale model car. The Zero Paints airbrushed colour is going on over the Halfords grey primer, and one last comment from me..... I have successfully chosen not to apply clearcoat of any kind and instead polished the body shell with Meguiars carnauba wax polish, applied with microfibre cloth and finished off with yellow duster. Produced a high gloss shine this way, and no clearcoat used. David
  11. Bobby Allison Winston West Chevelle

    Very nice.
  12. 69 Corvette 427

    Looks real nice, and the price you paided for the paint very good.
  13. 70 AMX

    Nicely done! Love the AMX's! Yours looks great
  14. Peterbilt heavy haul 367

    VERY NICE..!
  15. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    Nice one Mike...! I built a 4door wagon from one of these..LOL.
  16. Danny Sullivan's 1993 Indy 500 car

    Looking really good!
  17. What kind of builder are you?

    id love to build more but I guess I am a challenged builder and restorer to a point....lack of funds and lack of needed parts holds me back way too much...its not good for the motivation one bit or to help my time pass by. I have around 100 old ones that were my dads and many projects that need something before I can go any further along with them and the budget wont allow me to go to ebay and look for them...real bummer.
  18. Polar Lights Mustang question

    Here’s the Blue Max I built a few years back. Photo shows the front wheels too far forward. I didn’t realize the issue until it was almost finished. I think the best fix is to shorten the frame between the engine and front axle. Neither steering Drag link fit I had to rework it to fit. Too long. Hope this helps
  19. Today
  20. Flexible ducts

    I use flexible straws for filling molds on certain resin projects. One day I decided to carefully cut the straw after the resin hardened, it made a fairly nice looking duct.
  21. Misc Pontiac NASCAR Decals Wanted

    Looking for AMT Petty Grand Prix decals and 3 Pontiac crests found in many Pontiac NASCAR kits. Would buy entire or leftover sheets with this emblem. Would take more than 2 or 3 if available Thanks
  22. The Twister Vega

    x2 for sure !!!
  23. 63 Tempest AWB

    This is so cool !!!
  24. Garlits Drag Pak Challenger

    I'm a mopar freak and will be watching closely-can't wait for more !!!
  25. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    x2-mopars rule
  26. 70 AMX

    Nice job on a seldom-seen model!
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