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  2. 1966 Chevelle

    Have located most of the parts
  3. Dodge 4x4 truck

    Cool project Dan....I like the camper touch too. We need more campers and motorhome kits to add to our collections of builds...I know I do anyway.
  4. RocketWagen

    Nice work so far. David G.
  5. The Twister Vega

    I'm digging it!
  6. Looks more like it's been sitting in the field!
  7. Today
  8. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    Wow that is some incredible work as always from your bench! The engine detailing looks flawless, it looks like you could fire it up any moment. Where are those Cheater Slicks from? I'd need similar for a few projects too.
  9. '33 Ford Sedan Delivery...Traditional hot rod

    x2-WOW !!!
  10. 68 RoadRunner AMT Kit

    Will be watching-i'm a mopar freak !!!
  11. '33 Ford Sedan Delivery...Traditional hot rod

    Just beautiful!
  12. Wrangler Porsche 934 .

    Very nice!
  13. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

  14. New kid on the block ?

    Nice to see a new kit manufacturer out there! Also, there can never be too many kits of 3rd Gen GM A-Bodies. Unfortunately that price is just a bit too much for a Stock Car kit. I mean they're cool and I have a bunch of them with plans to build them all, but I'm not that crazy about Stock Car models that I'd pay $40 plus all shipping charges and customs etc for that kit. Once it is on my hands it would be somewhere between $75-$80 so it's too much. If it was a stock, or at least street version, I'd be happy to pay that amount all day long. Anyway, I hope these will sell great and I'm interested to see what other kits they will produce after this one.
  15. Best Masking Tape to use.

    The type of tape I use depends on what I'm masking. Smooth surfaces such as a body, I would do the edge with a "plastic/vinyl" style tape automotive tapes followed with a "crepe" tape to fill in the rest of the area. Covering large areas such as doing a two tone on a body I would mask with a vinyl tape cover the rest with Glad Press and Seal kitchen wrap, then cover the edges with crepe tape overlapping the vinyl tape and Press and Seal. A note on using the vinyl style tapes, don't stretch them over dips and valleys and then push them down, they have a memory to them and will want to lift back up (usually at the worst time). For surfaces that are rough or irregular such as a chassis plate, suspension parts, or an engine, I find crepe paper to be far superior to to adhere to the surface. Again, Press and Seal is great for covering the rest of the area. I avoid any household masking tape as it is low tack and made primarily for use over latex. Solvents can penetrate the tape and attack the adhesive and leave it stuck on your part after removal, or worse soften the color you are masking and cause damage. It's also quite easy for solvent style paints to creep under the edge due to the low tack. When you paint over tape capillary action occurs, for that reason, the thinner the tape is, the less of an edge you will have when you remove it. The thinnest tape I found is called "The Edge by Finesse. The only problem with this tape for use on models, it won't make a tight bend. I've used this tape for about 30 years and find it to be one of the best out there, https://www.finessepinstriping.com/edge/ One last thing, ALWAYS burnish the tape down after you have it set where you want it and again just before you start spraying. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  16. Jet Rod Community Build

    And I am using front seats as my intake vents....
  17. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    These cars are no better than any other. Changes and Mods are welcome just as they are with every other seventies car. Not like they have changed the looks in the life of production much anyway.
  18. New kid on the block ?

    I'm thinking subject choice has to be the biggest factor. In model trucks, a company has had a kit in preproduction since 2014. They didn't end up releasing it and an aftermarket company made a conversion kit. It sold out in 48 hours. Möbius had a home run with the release of the LoneStar. Hopefully this kit does well. Looks ace, Ben
  19. Wrangler Porsche 934 .

    Not very often we see a personally hand stitched build mate.... very nicely done !
  20. 2019 Ram

    these aren't too bad.... this would look good in 1 ton crewcab longbox SRW 4x4 flavor maybe this is just the start.... https://investorplace.com/2017/01/10-companies-bringing-jobs-back-to-america/#.WmGx1ainFaQ
  21. RocketWagen

    I'm working on 2 VW beetles. Both are hover cars. They'll be completely different from each other. I stopped working on the first one because I'm really excited about this one. I cut the bug in half down the middle. Then sanded off more than 1/3. Making the turbines from scratch. All from styrene rod and some Ford Raptor rims. When it's complete, I don't believe you'll see the face of the Raptor rims. I only used them for the details that are usually covered by the tires. The backside of the rim. Some moveable rear thrusters for vertical take off and high speed turns. Covering up the old passenger door. I had visions of the Return of the Jedi Speeder bikes. I made the front wings for flight control from the 2 front seats.
  22. Jet Rod Community Build

    I used the two front seats out of the RocketWagen to make some wings. I hope to make them appear to have lots of moving parts. Hydraulics, linkages, flaps, all that good stuff.
  23. What do you drive?

    yes, you are right, mine had 2 headlights and had a 225 slant 3 OTT like yours was kind of a really lite brown almost beige color, factory paint. don't have no pics, was over 37 yrs ago. my dad and his buddy were drinking one nite and I managed to talk his buddy into selling it to me for a 100 bucks, a lot of money for a 14 yr old back then... actually that New Yorker outweighs the D100, by a good amount. mid '70s 440 yorkie is right around 5k, the '60's sweptlines are right around the 4k mark, give or take. I remember reading somewhere here that 426 said he is a teen, 16 yrs old. going to go out on a limb here and say funds are prob tight. while a D60 would be nice, I would use exactly what he has, throw the combo in there and at least get the truck mobile. drive it, have some fun, when the job and money start rolling in- upgrade... I know I frankensteined some combos together as a teen, mostly due to LOF (lack'o funds) did the usual sb in a vega, a 283 into a Datsun 620, and a ford 390 into a amc hornet. car was all stock, motor was all stock, but was scary fast, in 3 months the doors dropped an inch when you opened them, twisted the car right up...
  24. Wrangler Porsche 934 .

  25. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    No problem, Andrew, the photos are correctly loaded.
  26. 2019 Ram

    Folks don't get me wrong. I'm not totally against trucks as they do serve a useful purpose. The point I was making is that to me it's a bit depressing to see the automotive landscape have too much of a "sameness" that I didn't notice even 10 years ago. True, car sales are down, but one has to wonder why is that?? Some can say the same about cars of today, but trucks to me have always had that upright sameness (for obvious reasons) that have never appealed to me as much as cars. Could it be the reason that cars have lost their luster as like they use to say "they don't make 'em like that anymore"? Trucks have become popular because they are the replacement "big cars" that the auto industry can't or won't make anymore. Yes, I know tastes change, but the reason I pointed to the mid '20's is that I'm looking at the young ones right now who are in their mid teens, and will be buying cars at that time. Particularly come the mid to late '20's. One has to ask............will they want to drive what their parents are driving? I'm looking way down the road and I'm saying no, but my crystal ball's been on the blink for some time and of course I could be wrong. We'll see...... Of course not! I'm talking more of the "me too" think of everyone and their brother having the need to have a truck. I know that there are some that HAVE TO HAVE a truck. I'm not talking about the commercial trucks that are needed to move things to and fro. Remember I LIVE in Central PA......the Keystone State? You gotta come through here to get to parts of New England. I may one day break down and buy a truck and I will admit I like the older Dodge Rams (mid '00's), but a single cab one not the "crew cab" versions or whatever those are called. I just don't care for them on a daily basis as I've never cared for vehicles that sit up so high. I'm a sports car, kind of guy I guess. I may try and compose a post down the road and title it "The '20's" and list what I think the trends will be come next decade, which hard to believe is just two years away. Might be interesting.......or a firestorm!
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