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Yesterday, 07:21 AM

Thanks again guys for all the great feedback.  


Back when I built this model, only the very top echelon of model car builders were actually using lacquer paints on their model cars.  The best selection, in quantities that were appropriate for model cars, came from the Metalflake brand of paints (many colors were sold in Pints, presumably for motorcycle builders/customizers and van murals.)  


A number of my late 1970's contest models, and those of my competitors, used Candies, Pearls, and Clears from Metalflake.  The clear, in particular, was just about the only one at the time that stayed clear (vs. yellowing) over the long run.  Ah...the memories.  


Best regards...TIM 

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20 October 2014 - 06:09 AM

Harry, is the turbo 4 new or has it been out a couple of years??  Sometimes new engines don't have all the bugs worked out. Then again the eco boost has been out for a couple years on v6 engines I don't know about the 4 cyl but I am not current on new cars..


The 2.3L EcoBoost is a new engine.  It debuted (in a slightly different tune) in the Lincoln MKC earlier this year, making the Mustang its second application, albeit with a higher output and tuning specifically sorted for sports car applications. The engine will be sold across global markets in this Mustang application.   It does build on what Ford has learned with its earlier I3, I4, and V6 EcoBoost engines domestically and globally.  


My partner Michelle recently leased a '14 Escape with the 2.0L EcoBoost and although I've driven it only a couple of times, I agree exactly with Ross's (Rusty85) assessment.  It rocks.   TB  

In Topic: Ford racehauler

19 October 2014 - 02:56 PM

Very sharp!   TIM 

In Topic: Survivor '23T Track Roadster from 35 years ago

19 October 2014 - 12:50 PM

1. Everyone:  THANKS for your enthusiastic reaction and comments.  Much appreciated! 




2. iBorg (Mike) asked "how I would build it today"? 


* Mike, use the body and interior from the AMT Trophy Series Double Kit (the Round 2 circa 1965 reissue from about two years ago) for the body, turtle deck, and interior/IP.  


* Use the basic grille shell from either of the Revell Kurtis Midget kits and shape to fit. 


* The hood might require two Model T era hoods, with the second one narrowed and placed in front of the first one, then cut to fit the remaining opening. 


* The belly pan could be created from Sheet Styrene.  


* The Capri V6 is a bit of a tough one.  These are not used in today's hot rods (they fit correctly, but just don't put out the power expected today), and the kit sources are long out of production.  Your best bet would probably be to use a four cylinder (2.3L SOHC Ford I4 from Revell's recently reissued '85 SVO Mustang; Olds Aerotech DOHC, Revell Ford SVT Focus 2.0L Duratech revised to fit a north south RWD vs, east west FWD application, or even  '28-31 Model A, '32 Model B, or '33/'34 Model C Ford four bangers with appropriate vintage speed equipment), or perhaps the 260 Ford V8 from the reissued Round 2 Cobra kit or the 289 Ford from the Revell Buttera series - the latter of which may require dropping or ballooning the side panels to fit.  


* Most suspension parts are still available, but the front hairpins would need to come from the Revell '32 Ford 5W Coupe and the friction shocks from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland.


* Paint could be applied with modern acrylics from Tamiya and Testors, or use MCW Automotive paints to match. 


That should at least get you started.  It's still a major project, but probably a little easier to pull off today given the modern resources we have at hand. 


Hope that helps.  TIM 


In Topic: Round2 2015 Second Quarter(?) Releases

18 October 2014 - 05:02 AM

jbwelda said:   (well the Quote feature and cut and paste do not seem to be working for me today....so let me answer his question side panel/custom version of the AMT '66 Imperial annual kit)....


JB - there was a pickup version as one of the 3 in 1 building versions of the AMT '66 Imperial convertible annual kit.  But the exterior (as I remember it) was box stock except for the roof and pickup box insert, and there was a separate interior, with non-stock equipment/design, that went with that version.  But none of the foolishness that accompanied the "Hero" conversion that came along later....


Best regards...TIM