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Some Inspiration Pics For the AMT California Hauler

14 August 2014 - 12:55 PM

Interior in Oxblood Red with gold painted surfaces




1971 Conventional Brochure








Sleeper mixing

08 November 2013 - 12:56 AM

A question was posed on another post about using the Italeri Peterbilt 63" stand-up sleeper from the Italeri 1/24th scale kits on a

1/25th scale Peterbilt 359.


For a short time before the end of the run of the model 359, Peterbilt offered a 63" stand up sleeper for the 359 and 349.

The stand-up sleeper was slightly different from the one in the Italeri kit - the right side had a full size entry door (matching the left side) at the rear of the right side.  The interior layout was different too.


Because of the scale height difference, you will need to remove material from the top of the sleeper box (before roof install) so that the roof seam on the sleeper box and the roof seam on the cab are at the same level - keep in mine the bottom of the sleeper and the bottom of the cab also should be at the same level.  The 359 sleepers did not have air ride like the Italeri sleeper (the Italeri kit is a later year Unibilt air ride sleeper).


I built a Revell of Germany 359 with a resin hood for a 359-27 (long hood) with the Italeri sleeper.  You can see the right hand door and the elimination of the air ride mounts.


I cheated and just grafted another Italeri left side sleeper door onto the right.. which created an incorrect 'suicide' door.  The hinge should be forward and the latch on the rear.  Grafting a Revell of Germany door would be a better choice, although it would be slightly smaller due to the scale difference.



Eric at P&P resin casts a raised roof cap for the Revell of Germany 63" flat top sleeper.  To be year-correct, you would need to move the right side sleeper door to the rear.  With all that said, many a 359 was retrofitted with a later air ride sleeper and you wouldn't have to move the door.


Here's a real 1986-built 359 with a factory installed stand-up sleeper.  Note the door location on the sleeper.



The left side of the sleeper is just like the Italeri kit piece.