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Yesterday, 04:06 PM

I know, I was just asking if it was another language.

Man, I HATE the internet!  Our greatest "communication" tool and all it does is impede communication!  I apologize for taking your post wrongly.  The word in question is allegedly English (kinda) but the only person I've ever heard use it is from Scotland.

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Yesterday, 03:27 AM

I would say nothing

Trailer loads

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Yesterday, 03:22 AM

aren't kids in Scouts at 7? Scouts have knives and learn proper handling. keeping children "safe" is the premise of the pussification of the American male. let's buy them plastic tricycles so Snowflake doesn't get a boo-boo.


cheeze ......

Scouts start to formally learn knife safety and handling as Bear Scouts (age 10).

In Topic: Stupidity In Philadelphia!

29 July 2014 - 06:07 PM

So, you are telling me shyt is a foreign language?

Dude, it was a JOKE!  You did see the winking emoticon, right? And, as far as I recall, that particular word is a British/Scottish pronunciation so, yeah, it's a "foreign" language.  Sheesh! :blink:

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29 July 2014 - 05:25 AM



ok I seriously need to stop buying kits.. I keep finding deals tho!

And that's the way it happens; innocently finding deals until one day we wake up and there's a hobby shop in our closet (or model room, or basement, or ...) :)