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  1. Very smooth trade with Modlbldr. Would trade with anytime.
  2. Check with HL. Mine had the Foose PU on the shelf the other day. About $20.00 with 40% off coupon.
  3. Great start, have built two of these and they are great kits.
  4. Picked these up at the womens shelter resale shop today. All were built. Whoever built these puts me to shame on paint skills. Roadrunner was missing the side mirrors. Started on the High Roller tonight, it suffered the most damage but appears to be an easy save. Also picked up a nice Harley coffee table book and Paul Newmans the Hustler DVD. All for $30.00 plus tax.
  5. Great color. Very nice build.
  6. Another great trade with Alan Alexis ( Alexis). Always a pleasure to trade with him.
  7. No, but if they do will have to get the Will Do.
  8. Wheels look great. Very sharp build.
  9. Four great builds. Wish they were on my shelf.
  10. Just opened this kit and Tom is right. Girlfriend collects Coke stuff and just had to have the Coke kits. Never thought they would issue so many of them. Still have the 23, 57, 55 Cameo, and the 32 SD to build. Do like the ones with Coke machines and dolly. Will probably buy the 53 Ford PU but not sure about any more.
  11. Just got the go cart from Gerald Goff ( Oldscool). Great guy to trade with and really worked with me. Fast shipping. Hope to trade with him again.
  12. Great looking Shelby. Nice color choice.
  13. Wow, that is a lot of glitter. Great looking build.
  14. Super sharp build. The flames really set it off.
  15. A mini bike came with the recently deleted El Camino kit at HL. Someone may have one they are willing to part with.
  16. Great looking build. Herman Munster would love it.
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