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  1. Great job, Geoff! She is a beauty.
  2. There’s a whole lot of coolness going on here! This really is too cool, nice job on both models!
  3. So I gotta tell you, I was down in my hobby room the other night and I just wasn’t feeling it, so I spun my chair around and saw my Testors kit of this car. I remembered that you were doing it and so I pulled it out and looked it over for two nights. I also reread all 10 pages of this thread and got my mojo back!! I will happily and readily admit that I am going to steal so many of your ideas...😉😜. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank you for taking the time to share all of these wonderful tips and tricks that you do! I’m looking forward to seeing even more.
  4. And once again we have a prime example of why this forum is so great! Thanks, Martin, that is some great info.
  5. I think one thing needs to be noted. (I built the red and champagne two toned model from the Max kit. It is linked a ways up in this thread. I also have a workbench thread.). The bottom of the rear quarters roll in too much. This causes the rear bumper to not line up with the body. I had two of these kits and they were both the same. If you look at Tommy124’s model up above you will see that his kit has the same problem. I had to install “spreaders” to push my rear quarters out. Not a deal breaker but something to be aware of.
  6. Lol, well we both learned something new! I was sharing this build on FB while I was building it. I was showing the grill and rear bumper/taillights. One guy posted something like “nice job but all 57 Bel Airs had a gold grill”. I’ll be darned but it looks like he was right. Now plenty of customs have all chrome grills but from what I could find, it looks like they all originally had gold grills.
  7. That is what I have read. I keep a few SnapTite kits and a couple of pre-decorated kits in my stash to use as slump busters. I was getting bogged down on a Tamiya Porsche 956 build so I turned to this one to give me a sense of progress and accomplishment. Mission accomplished!
  8. Thanks, Roger! I did not do anything to the cowl area. I readily admit to not knowing a lot about 57s so after reading your question I did a quick image search but don’t have a solid answer. Are there cowl vents on 57 Bel Airs?
  9. That is a good looking Chevelle, Jim!!
  10. Bruce, not sure if you saw my posts in the “Workbench” section. This was the second set of glass. The first set broke on me when I tried to...”cough cough” force it into submission. What you see is just the kit glass with no work done to it. However, in the past I have completely dipped glass into a bath of Future with amazing results. Thanks for the comment!
  11. Wow! Thanks for all of the nice comments, guys! I thought it was a nice kit for a SnapTite. I’m no expert on 57 Chevys but had read that this was a good kit, body wise. Based on the comments, the color combo was a good choice! 😎 Thanks again!
  12. Thanks, Tom! I was sharing my work in progress with a group of modeling friends and one of them said the same thing.
  13. Thanks, Ray! When I was looking for inspiration on the internet, I only found one car in this color combo. I’m happy with them!
  14. I recently finished up this Revell Snaptite Max kit. Overall, not a bad kit. It is nice to build a straight forward kit without all of the detailing. You can find the WIP here: I hope you all enjoy this one. Let me know what you think.
  15. This will be the last update before I post the finished model. I will share some of the less than stellar bits of this build with you. There are three items that I was not happy about. 1. The chassis molding is not bad, it is just that everything is molded in, there are no separate parts. There are some deep cervices that would have been a nightmare to mask...so I didn't...lol. I freehanded painted all chassis detail, (and it shows). This was never meant to be a contest winning model so I am OK with a mediocre chassis. 2. The glass is a one piece unit. It did not fully fit down onto the body. I broke my first piece and had to buy a second kit to get a new glass piece. I ended up cutting off the runners from the windshield to the rear window. This was not perfect but the two separate glass pieces fit better than the one piece. There are no pictures because I was so upset about the whole thing that I just forgot to take pictures. 3. The rear quarters of the car curve in too much. This causes the rear bumper to look like it is too wide. I had to put "spreaders" in the body to make it look decent. Please note that I now have two complete models and they both suffer from the same problem. I used some simple bits of wooden sticks to spread out the rear fenders. The last thing to mention is that I had trimmed off all badges and handles with the intention of using PE. After the body was finished, I really liked the look of the shaved body and decided not to put the PE on. I did prepare it and did a mock-up but in the end left it off.
  16. Once the body was polished out it was time to start the BMF. I'm sure most everyone has their preferred way of doing BMF. I will briefly touch on mine. As I always do, I scribed along anything that was going to be BMF'd. This gives the blade a nice groove to follow. I also place Tamiya tape fairly close to the trim. This cuts down on the sticky residue and it is easier, (at least for me), to pull the tape up than to pull up the BMF. I also use a surgical scalpel for BMF. I label it so I don't use it on anything else. I blacken the tip to make it easier to see. I also worked on final touches on the interior, rear bumper, grill, wheels, chassis, etc.
  17. Back to the interior. I have the MCG PE sheet for the '57 Chevy. I used several parts for the interior. You can't have a car without a set of keys! For the radio knobs, I painted them black and then sanded off the tops. This gives a perfect black circle with a trim ring. I added a turn signal stock and gear select, (with the correct bend). The kit does not have decals for the gauges. I used some decals that I had. The interior did not turn out too bad for a SnapTite kit. While I was working on the, I was waiting for the clear to cure on the body. I shot Tamiya TS-13 for the clear. After the clear had cured I polished it out. Next up will be BMF.
  18. Thank you, Ray, i appreciate the comment. I will post more progress pictures tomorrow.
  19. I tend to bounce around in the build sequence. Sometimes it is due to waiting for paint to dry, sometimes it is due to boredom with what I am working on, etc. I moved on to painting the body. It was primed with Tamiya white primer and then the entire body was shot with Tamiya Gloss Aluminum. I masked the body and shot the roof with Tamiya Titanium Gold. Once the roof was dry I masked it and painted the body Tamiya Mica Red. I was going to use the PE parts for the side spears but someone suggested to make the spear, (is that the correct term?), the same color as the roof. I really liked that idea so I set off to mask the body and shoot the Titanium Gold.
  20. On to the interior. It is not too bad for a Snaptite kit. Following cues from the 1:1 car that I found on the internet, I went with a two-tone interior. To many modelers horror, I used Krylon paint on the interior...lol. One note on the picture below, the two blemishes are totally my doing. I somehow put divits in the paint and the paint cracking is the only place this happened. The window cranks are Testors Chrome Silver paint, painted freehand.
  21. As with most of my "On the Workbench" threads, this model is actually finished. I thought I would create this thread so that you all could see what comes in the kit and to maybe share what I have learned from building it. I am always happy to explain anything that I have done or answer any questions you may have. This is the kit that I used. It is not a bad kit. I was looking for a quick, hassle free build and this fit the bill. I am normally a racecar builder. I don't have the creativity than many of you do to be able to come up with some amazing custom. I went to the Internet to find some examples of a custom '57. Of all of the images I found, I only found one '57 in a Ruby Red body with a Champaign top and trim. After this picture was taken, I settled on Tamiya Mica Red and Titanium Gold. I removed all molded on scripts and thought I would replace them with PE from MCG. I also removed all fender scripts as well as door handles and locks. I rescribe all panel lines and I scribe around all parts that will receive BMF. Scribing a channel like that gives the blade something to follow when trimming the BMF.
  22. They have arrived in North Central WV.
  23. Nacho Z


    I just shot some Spaz Stix on some smaller engine parts. I have used it several times on smaller parts. I have been pleased with the results. Not truly chrome but way better than silver spray paints.
  24. She is gorgeous!!
  25. Takes me back to my high school days 😎. Gotta love fat tires and jacked up rear ends! Nice job!
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