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  1. This is just an all around great model! It is just soooo cool! Great job.
  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!
  3. She is a great looking model, Ryan! You are right about it being pretty darn perfect across the board. Paint, stance, interior and engine bay all look great!
  4. She is a looker, no doubt about that! That is just an overall great looking model!
  5. Hi Dave, thanks! Z-Man is Steve Zimmerman. He is known for his tires and wheels. Actually, I think that is all he sells. Anyhow, he is at a lot of the shows I go to and when I saw these outrageously fat tires I just had to buy them. To the best of my knowledge, and somebody please correct me if I am wrong, Z only sells on FB. His stuff is gorgeous! Yes, I believe my particular set of tires and wheels are resin.
  6. Once again let me say thank you to you guys for all of the nice comments! I certainly do appreciate them and they always put a smile on my face!
  7. Just to add to this, I picked up a 442 this weekend from the same place that James / niteowl7710 did. We were both at the same model contest. I bought mine very early, first thing actually, in the morning whereas James bought his later. My kit was fine. The only explanation that I could come up with is that my kit came from a different case. This vendor definitely had two cases of these kits and was selling these things like hotcakes. Maybe my case sold out and James got his from the other case? But that does not explain why the ones at the store were also bad. Maybe I was just lucky?
  8. I’ll be darned. I honestly don’t know much about this kit’s history but if it helps, mine is the 1994 issue. On my WIP thread I posted a picture of the kit contents. My wheels were chromed which was not correct. I stripped them and shot them in AK Interactive Xtreme Metal Magnesium, (I believe). Let me try to post that pic again.
  9. Hi Alan, did you mean to say the rear wheels and tires? The fronts are kit parts but the rears are from Z-Man. I just didn’t like the kit supplied ones. Thank you, Don!
  10. Hi David, thanks! The rear wheels and tires are Z-Man items that I've had stashed away for awhile. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who popped in and took a look at my attempt at the Boot Hill Express. Another thank you to those who took the time to comment. I really do appreciate it! There are a couple of mistakes and a whole lot of things that could have been done better but I only had one month to build it. When a mini-vacation and beautiful Fall weather are factored in I really didn't have near as much time to work on it as I had planned.
  11. I participated in a FB group Halloween themed build. I had several models in my stash that would fit the bill. I posted 4 choices and let my friends pick which model I would build. The overwhelming choice was the Boot Hill Express. I had one month in which to build it. The rules stated the kit must not be started which mine wasn't. Please take a moment to look at the build thread here: It will answer questions about the stacks and paint choice and color. I'm happy to answer any questions about the build that you may have. Thanks for looking and Happy Halloween!
  12. Sorry for not replying or updating this thread as often as I should have. The pace that I worked at to meet the deadline didn't really afford me a whole lot of time to stop and take pictures of what I was doing. I am getting ready to post the finished model in the Under Glass section. Thanks to those who followed along!
  13. My wife and I are empty nesters. She has her crafts and TV shows and I have my models. When we get home from work we discuss our day, eat our supper and catch the news. Then it is clean up and take care of this or that. By 8PM I am usually making my way to my hobby room where I will spend a couple of hours each night. I tend to get a few more hours in on the weekends. Like most, I get more bench time in during the Winter months than I do in the Summer.
  14. This update will just be on the engine. I will keep pointing out that I only have a month to build this and unfortunately life has a way of getting in the way. It would be great to drop a nice engine in this with all of the appropriate wiring and plumbing but that is not in the cards for me. What I did do was to strip all of the chrome off of the parts, except for the valve covers, and repaint them with AK Interactive Xtreme Metals paint. I did add plug wires. No, they are not in the correct firing order. Here are the kit injector stacks. They are absolutely terrible. I saw no way of salvaging them so I decided to try my hand at making my own. I measured the length of the stacks and then cut them off of the flange. I cut 3/32 aluminum tubing to length. A friend of mine made a tool, a punch really, that would allow me to flare the end of the tubing. I drilled a hole in a block of wood so that just a small portion of the aluminum tubing would stick out. This would hold the tubing and stop it from bending while being flared. This is the tool / punch. Nothing fancy but it does the job. I had to be very careful when tapping the tool with a hammer while flaring the tubing. It is very easy to split the aluminum. Go ahead, ask me how I know! Next was to figure out how to hold the new stacks in place. I drilled small holes in the flange and inserted copper wire. Next I cut small brass tubing to fit over the wire. Finally I placed the newly made aluminum stacks over the brass tubing. This will allow me to bend the stacks to the correct angle once attached to the engine. I am very pleased with the results.
  15. Jim, it is one of my favorites also. I forgot to mention in my introductory post that I put a poll up on my FB page and asked my friends which kit I should build for the Halloween themed build. There were four to choose from. This was the overwhelming favorite. I really liked the Pale Brass too. Thanks, Emre, I appreciate it. I'll show the color I went with in a post coming up soon. It was really a tough choice. Thanks, Maxx! I think if you have the time, skills and the right items you can make a killer model out of this. I am very limited by time, (probably skills too...lol). I am making a few modifications to mine but I have to keep myself in check. I'm committed to making the deadline.
  16. Thanks, RRR, I'm hoping that I will do this kit justice. So far, Joe, I have ran into a lot of flash, mold seams and ejector pin marks. The directions are really just an exploded view and you have to figure out where some things attach. I guess what I am saying is a typical '60s kit...lol.
  17. Along with all of the parts clean up, I had to decide what color to paint this thing. I have read what others have done and it seems no two people have painted it the same way. I fell in love with the color(s) of one particular Boot Hill Express at the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed. I believe that the original BHE was painted in a gold color. That is also how it appears on the box art, (although I feel the box art photo has been drastically overexposed or lightened in some way), but I digress. The photos I fell in love with are much more of an orangish color. I do know that lighting and shadows play a big part in photography and that is probably at play here. Anyhow, here are a couple of pics of what I am going to try to replicate. Now, how to get that color. I painted 4 spoons with AK Interactive Xtreme Metal colors, (the spoons are labeled), and then sprayed clear orange over half of each one. I had a hunch that the color would not be deep enough or too orangey. So for the other half of each spoon I added clear red to the clear orange. These would not be the final color but I'll save that for later. Please note that the spoons are not in the same order as the first picture but they are labeled. And now with red added. Lots of parts under primer. I always prime all of my parts. I know that not everybody does and that's cool if it works for them. I just always have and probably always will. Drilled out the 8 exhaust tips. Next update will be the engine. I'm pleased with what I did to dress it up just a bit.
  18. I thought I would share what I am currently working on and what is keeping me away from my 1:12 Tamiya/Ebbro Matra MS11. I am building the Boot Hill Express for a Halloween themed FB group build. I have 1 month to build it, (the month of October), and have underestimated how long it is going to take me. In my defense, I am going a little above and beyond with it but not overboard. As with just about every build thread I do, I am further along than what I am posting. I like to document what I do for two reasons, (mainly). First, it helps me to remember what the heck I did and secondly it may be of some use to one of my fellow modelers. In this thread I will caption each photo as needed. I would love to hear from you guys. Let me know what you think and what you may have done differently. Thanks! Mine is the 1994 issue of the Boot Hill Express. It was molded in a horrible orange styrene. Why?!?! There was a lot of clean up that went into this. Too much to list but let me say that I worked on just about every single part with only a few exceptions. I also made the decision to strip all of the chrome and airbrush it in AK Interactive Xtreme Metal Chrome. More to come shortly.
  19. What a great job on the personal touches! They really bring this old kit to life.
  20. Like so many guys have already said, you nailed the look! This is such a cool model on so many levels!
  21. Absolutely gorgeous!!
  22. Hobby Express is amazing! I didn’t know that they were expanding. That is great news! I hope you found the paint you were looking for.
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