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  1. Nice find. Looks like the MPC version, the back license plate bracket is upside down. greg
  2. I dumped my turbine in the AMT Pumper kit. What/where did you use the turbine? greg
  3. I don't recall the turbine being shot in green plastic before. greg
  4. Just what was your thought pattern of masking the whole underbody as opposed to shooting the exhaust then masking the just the exhaust and shoot the underbody? greg
  5. Nice model, shouldn't be a 3-4-2 ? (Three barrel, four speed, two bucket seats) greg
  6. Nice pumper, I wonder if it would be better proportioned if the pump body was 'bobbed' a little. just a side bar. My pumpers. The Revell ford with widened fenders and scratch built pumper body using AMT and Aurora parts. A Datsun with the Aurora 1/32 pumper body A AMT Ford pick up with the MPC Chevy pick up fire body on the back greg
  7. Always liked the P&H crane, The original had wires to hold up the boom instead of thread. I have two and the second one I got the builder made it a tri axle but I found the wheels and put it back to 4 axle. greg
  8. That's a neat model. When I was a kid and seeing one up close hearing the hum of generator and the burning arc rod inside the searchlight. greg
  9. I think Modelhaus did, but might be different year now it's modelhau$$ 1958 Dodge Pickup Truck Cab - Tru-Scale (rocketfin.com) 1958-59 Dodge D600 | Resin Model Ranch (rmrmodels.com) neither reference is endorsed by me, just researched greg
  10. Finally got the First Gear 1/24th Chicago fire department Mack/Holmes wrecker. A friend found a derelict one at a toy show and had a donor derelict one to switch parts off of. I switched the boom and attached mirrors and used an AMT bulldog. What a nice birthday present. greg
  11. "Have her watch a Mecum Auction on TV and see the look on her face when she sees what a really clean one goes for." If you really want to see something funny set the close captioning on while watching a live auction, It can't keep up with the words and makes up words as the auctioneer is chanting. I regard to the caddie, what an upgrade for the varmints that have probably moved from the blazer behind it greg
  12. posted about the Chrysler mod roofs awhile ago, just found this pic of the convertible roof options from Buick greg
  13. Isn't the pistachio paint a close match for the US forest service color? love the CJ's greg
  14. I've casted the air cleaner from the MPC Jeep kit to use a base. A brush of molotow and good to go. TIP: Quick casting material- 5 minute epoxy. greg
  15. I'll add my 2 cents: There were different squad 51's. One was built by the studio since it could be modified for camera work. If you watch some shows the hardware is under the front bumper. This one in the picture is not squad 51 but a stunt double squad. note the square slam locks as 51 has round ones. The upper body grab rails are absent. The taillights are in the wrong position. In the pilot movie there was also squad 10 which was a rescue squad and not paramedic. It was a 70 Dodge truck. Since the squad bodies were built by the fire department shop there were all kinds of variations and a few replicas built around the country. Here is another view of the above truck. so there must have been different scenes discussed. greg
  16. Worst for me was the Revell Ford pick up. Building the original way back when, I was so frustrated it ended up smashed on the floor right in front of my mother who was ironing. greg
  17. I loved the AMT Lotus kit, When I had the original kit it could be made steerable by cutting the link on the top part of the front suspension.One of the first piece of model modification I did. What a mistake greg
  18. Why is it time I see a super Seven the theme from 'the prisoner' plays in my head. Nice job on the car, like the color greg
  19. I have no idea where I got the tall T. I did go through the stash and found the remnants of my original. Here are some pics A little bit larger than what the dimension mentioned in the auction of 34x33x88 greg
  20. I have some where in my stash the "Stroker McGurg" phone booth which in my opinion the booth is larger to fit the figure in it and not to scale. If I find it I will measure the booth. Don't know if these are the same kit base greg
  21. In regards to touch tone terror there might be somewhere in the universe a broken dusty kit sitting on a shelf to be recycled or someone of the model builders here could duplicate it. another suggestion is Pola "G" scale phone booth which would need some moifications greg
  22. Mr. Wyatt: Rescued "fire dog" greg (I made it over a thousand comments)
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