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  1. Postman dropped this off today. Kind of a holy grail kit for me. Jo-Han Pro Stock Maverick still in the cello.
  2. one of my favorite pickups, great work! love the details. I assume that's a bottle of root beer in the console?
  3. this is true. I scored a Fujimi garage tools kit along with the mechanics figures kit for $15 because the main photo was just the mechanics kit. Had to look closely and double check as it seemed to good to be true.
  4. Fortunately I was outbid. Going to keep looking for a decent builder of this kit though
  5. It's the JoHan Pro Stock Maverick. I'm sure I can fit some other 427 SOHC in it. we'll see if I win it. It may not be an issue after all lol
  6. I made a bid on the auction site yesterday for a fairly scarce kit, at a price that's probably too high, but I could still stomach it for a builder. Today I checked to see if I was still high bidder, and noticed there's no engine parts pictured. Seller's response to my inquiry was pretty vague but confirmed my thoughts that it's missing the engine. Not that big a deal, but i'm kicking myself for not paying better attention. Lesson learned.
  7. looking good! I built a DOH Charger kit in a similar fashion several years ago. Sublime, black and white interior, and cragars. Sold it on the auction site to make some shelf space.
  8. got a little more done on this one. I think I'm going to leave the rearend at the lower ride height. with the stock tires and wheels, it looks odd with a rake to me. I need to clean up a few spots and give it another coat of paint, then polish and foil/molotow the trim. Calling the interior finished. I didn't bother to paint the gauges since they're small and it's really just a shelf model that reminds me of my childhood. The model my dad built was all bare white plastic except for the body.
  9. that go-kart brings back memories. My grandfather won a brat go-kart (in brown, no less) when I was a kid. I remember riding on the decklid while my mom drove it down the sidewalk.
  10. didn't need them, but found a deal I couldn't pass up on the ebay. $15 plus shipping for the Fujimi mechanics figures AND the garage tools kit. eventually I'll build that garage diorama that's floating around in my head
  11. would love to get ahold of an original Bigfoot kit.
  12. just did a quick image search of the inventory at Pro-Team Corvettes. several L88s restored by Nabors Bros. and others have unpainted heads. These guys don't get much wrong in a restoration, and I'd be really surprised if they missed on something that visible.
  13. Well sure. The Alpine hood fits better since it doesn't have to clear that V8. 😉
  14. I have the same issue with the hood on my WIP. I took a bit of material from under the leading edge and it helped a little but not much. I think you're correct that the curvature isn't correct
  15. I bought that same kit in the late '80s, mostly for the Cammer. I built it curbside. Wish I'd held onto it.
  16. Great topic! I'm currently working on a kit that reminds me of the first model I remember my dad building, a '71 Roadrunner. Trying to find a reasonably priced Sneaky Pete pickup. That's the first kit I remember building, with Dad's help.
  17. Thanks. It was hard to find one at a price that I felt was reasonable for a builder. It was missing a few parts but nothing critical or unobtainable.
  18. Just getting settled after moving last year. I picked up this kit I started a while back to knock the rust off and get something finished. It's the 1987 reissue of the Roadrunner kit. I picked this kit because it's the first model I remember my dad building when I was a kid, 40+ years ago I was disappointed then that he didn't use the Superbird parts 😂. Dad's kit is long gone , but I'm building this one as an homage to that model that got me interested in this hobby. Dad usually just painted the body of a kit and then left everything else in bare plastic. The Roadrunner was metallic blue and he put this Roadrunner decal on the doors. Fortunately I found a set of original decals recently. I couldn't bear to leave anything in that nasty yellow plastic so I tried to keep it simple with a black interior and flat black chassis. It needs another coat of Tamiya blue, and I need to finish the engine, and pick out some details, but it's far enough along that I should be able to finish it up soon.
  19. I sold several years worth of SA and several copies of MCM, as well as several modeling books, a few years ago for this very reason. I do wish I'd held onto Ken Hamilton's diorama book, though.
  20. kinda interested in that Edmund Fitzgerald kit, but I looked it up on their site and it's like an elementary school project.
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