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  1. Cool! If the price isn't too bad, I'll try to pick one up if I can find it. Always need more old Jeeps. Thanks. Jeff
  2. Nice job. I gotta get started on mine. I want to have it done in time for the series finale this fall. The paint and trim work look great. Jeff
  3. Hey, I have one of those. Bought it several years ago at a club meet thinking I was going to use it for a slotcat body. It seemed like a good candidate as it was light and didn't have a lot of extra stuff on it. Now, I'm kinda out of racing and not sure what I was going to do with it. I think you inspired me to build it now as your's turned out very well. You made it look like it's a lot more than it actually is. Good job. Jeff
  4. Call or write to Jegs or Summit. Both are performance automotive parts sellers with huge lines of auto performance parts catalogs. They hand out stickers at the drag races like they were going out of style. I'll bet if you contacted them and told them your story, they'd probably reach out to all of their suppliers and get you all kinds of stickers. Good luck, looks like a worthy project. Jeff
  5. Great looking pair. Thanks for posting again. I see details on the pickup that I missed the last time I saw it. Great story on the van. Looks like a nice tribute. Jeff
  6. Great looking truck. The name sake on your truck used to have a law office on the model train club layout I used to belong to. Got a lot of compliments, lol. Really like the color combination. Good job. Jeff
  7. Thanks for the kind comments. 89AKurt, yes that is the kit grill and headlights. I found out that the sanding drum in my rotary tool kit fit the back of the grill section, and I used that to sand down the backside of the grill carefully till the holes were opened up. I guess I could scratch build the fluid tanks, just hoping to find them already made to save myself some time. Jeff
  8. I finally finished this one. I still need to find a proper overflow reservoir and washer tank for in the engine bay, but with all the good model shows and swap meets shut down, that may take awhile. I started off with a scratch built suspension lift and bigger tires and wheels. I used the tires from the Lindberg 1/20 scale Baywatch Toyota that I bought from a friend at a swap meet. I didn't like the wheels that came with it so I found that the Revell top fuel rear wheels just about fit the tire openings. They have beadlock rims on and had the look I wanted. I used silicone to glue the wheels to the tires and help fill in the slight gap between the two. I wasn't happy with the rollcage that came with the monster truck version of the kit, so I ended up scratch building that too.(sorry, forgot to mention that I used the crew chief version for this build) I tried something new and ground/sanded the grill down to get the see through look. It was tedious and nerve racking, but I'm happy with the results. I used the Testors lacquer spray can in the Inca gold for the body and interior. I really like using that brand and hope they keep making it and adding to the color chart. I used some photo etched parts for the interior for the first time too and like the added dimension they bring to the interior. Scratch made the gas, brake, clutch, and parking break petals also. Parts box front and rear bumpers and a winch add to the build, along with all the doodads and geegaws inside to make it more personalized. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome. Jeff
  9. Sure, this thing's been under SALT water for seventy-plus years and looks like it could be rinsed off and fired right up, but my Scout II rusted to pieces in just 10 years. Looks like International got cheap with the metal over the years, lol. Cool pics, may she rest in piece. Jeff
  10. The pic of Wild Willie Borsch is one of my all time favorite drag photos. Those "Awful Awful" Fuel Altered drivers sure had a pair to be driving what was essentially a top fuel car with 1/3 the wheelbase. What a ride! Jeff
  11. Cool Bronco. The two blues look good together. Jeff
  12. Great looking Jeep. I'm glad Revell brought out the stock version of this kit. I can more closely build my daily driver than I can with the modified kit. I like the weathering you added underneath, it really brings out the details. Jeff
  13. Great looking paintjob. That's how I picture custom vans from the 70's. You captured that look perfectly. Can't wait to see the boat. Jeff
  14. Great looking build. You did really well on the molded-in wiring in the engine bay. That always holds me up. Nice looking paint job and trim also. Jeff
  15. I know, I don't know if I am amazed or repulsed. I keep coming back to this thing and I'm just speechless. I find it fascinating and grotesque in the same breath. The craftsmanship looks good and the paint looks right, but I don't like the green windscreen and the rearward rake. The blown motor looks great, but not with the 59 rearend and (I guess) model A type grill. I.....I...... just don't know what to think. AAARRRGGGUUUUEEE! (walks away shaking head). Jeff
  16. Not sure if this belongs here or in the weird car thread, but I came across this thread first . Saw this yesterday while shopping. Kinda cool, mabey they should have done a factory job for the mini pickup crowd. Jeff
  17. Nice Blazer. I like em high, but yours turned out great. Nice paintwork. Jeff
  18. Just picked mine up at Hobby Lobby. Can't wait. Just need to finish my Blazer project first, then, like Sam, need to do all my research on the subject. Need lots of pics. I'm stoked! Jeff
  19. Thanks for sharing the photos. As a HUGE fan of the show and a modeler, you're right, I'll be able to work around it. But I agree, molded in white would have been much better. Probably the next release will be molded in white, unless it's a fire chief's car or another Coke release, lol. Yea, I did think it looked like an MPC kit, now that you mentioned it. I wish the underside of the trunk would have been scribbled better so I can cut it open easier. Oh well, I'm just super glad it's hear at all. Been waiting a long time for this model kit. Jeff
  20. That's pretty cool. Like the cowl induction, or is it the original air grabber scoop. Pretty neat to watch. Thanks for sharing. Jeff
  21. Not sure about changing tires, but that front tire looks pretty close to the fender. What kind of turning radius does that thing have.? Jeff
  22. Hmmm, I'll have to dig my Hammerhead model out that I built in college. I swear it has a Chevy grill on it and I built the kit box stock, except for the decals. I think I even left it in bare plastic as it was molded in blue metallic plastic. I'll dig around for it and post pics if I find it. Jeff
  23. I'm in. I'm planning on doing the trunk, it's an integral part of the show. I've been saving up all the weapons from some of the gangster series of kits when I come across them at shows. Gotta have the Winchester's arsenal. Now, where am I gonna find a vial of holy oil. Hmmmm....... Jeff
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