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  1. Zed added a post in a topic 69 Chevelle SS Pro Mod WIP (Updated 3.26.14)   

    amazing body work !
  2. Zed added a post in a topic 51 Chevy padded top...   

    those vette grille were really hard to find in the late 40's ! must be the reason

    Fantastic work Steve ! I've had the project to build one like that , Carl Abadjian inspired, for years ! This was an elegant area for kustoms ! you nailed it perfectly !! thanks a lot for returning to modeling...and kustoms
  3. Zed added a post in a topic 73 Mustang " Identity Crisis"   

    thanks for the nice comments guys
  4. Zed added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    73 Mustang " Identity Crisis"
    I've tried my best to do those huge stang justice

    • 11 replies
  5. Zed added a post in a topic new guy with Black Magic and 76 McEwen   

    black magic is stellar ! congrats
  6. Zed added a post in a topic My tribute to Larry Watson's T-bird   

    Thanks for the kind of words everybody

    The trick is to paint the color of the outlining first, then you draw the panels with very thin masking tape
  7. Zed added a topic in On The Workbench   

    My tribute to Larry Watson's T-bird
    Monogram's 58 t bird

    Not an imitation, more an interpretation of the masterpiece

    • 30 replies
  8. Zed added a post in a topic " El Diablo" 1949 MERC Custom.   

    You've changed more than that ! like i ve said, i see a tribute, not a clone
  9. Zed added a post in a topic " El Diablo" 1949 MERC Custom.   

    This is just insane Bro! it's not hard to see why this amazing build took gold ! the working gull wings doors alone can justify that choice.

    I see a tribute to Charlie Lopez Merc but i can be wrong... some details from that wild Merc from the days

    The Pinstipping by David anthony is just unreal...
  10. Zed added a post in a topic show me you're 62 chevy bel air   

    Here is mine

  11. Zed added a post in a topic UNBOXING ARII's 58 Cadillac Biarritz   

    I bought the Heller version, very cheap, and when i've opened it, i understood really fast why it was so cheap . finally, i grafted a chezoom roof on it, front and rear roll pan, redraw the doors, and it looked far better ... IMHO

    the stock one is an Arii: had a hard time fixing the windshield, chromes were very poor , could see the green plastic under... but i wanted to build a stock to put on the shelf, close to my Badillac
  12. Zed added a post in a topic Mothra returns! 1959 Imperial   

    Wow ! that's one of the wildest Imperial on earth ! totally crazy! and the interior is work of art too
  13. Zed added a post in a topic About the upcoming convert. Hudson...   

    What a beauty !!!
  14. Zed added a post in a topic STAR FIRE! ...( 59 Impala Flying Car) Update: 3-29-12   

    Wow !!! what a start !!
  15. Zed added a post in a topic Custom Hudson   

    Yeah fo sure ! even more when they are from a Desoto !