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  1. 6 years later, what happened to that wicked corvette ?
  2. 8 years laters, what are the news about that sexy corvette ? 😍
  3. i prefer it too πŸ˜‰
  4. i really love what you did for the grille surround because , i did exactly the same on a Bel Air ! 🀩 Anyway, the 57 cadillac has being reissued recently, and you can find 57 cad dagmars in amt parts packs, very easy to find on ebay if you would love to make the same bumper on yours ;-)
  5. Nice wheels and color ! 😎
  6. wow ! looking wicked slammed to the ground like this with big wheels, Steve ! 😍 i always wonders how a slammer looks like from below πŸ€” could you show me a picture of that if it's not a secret ? 🀩
  7. Great stuff Chris, ...the roof is from a Monogram 53 chevy πŸ˜‰ did the very same transplant on one of my first shoebox, a looong time ago 😎
  8. wow ! crazy cool ! 😍
  9. wow ! impressive build ! 🀯 no need to point the stance, she looks perfect to me 😍
  10. Amazing skills !!! 🀩 I've always wondered how fellow modelers were scratch building chassis or roll bar, and now i know!!!! 🀯thanks for all the explanations and step by step pictures 😍 i don't know if i'll use one day, but it was a delight to read πŸ₯°
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