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  1. This is fantastic info! If I may make a request: I've been 3D modeling some ribbed vintage-style valve covers and remote coil pack covers for the LS, but I don't have an example of the engine in my stash. I'd love to know the length of the Revell LS7/LS9 valve covers as shown above. Based on my online searches I'm thinking they should be about 23mm long in 1/25 scale. For anyone who has the engine available to measure: is that correct? Thanks!
  2. Haha wow. I can't wait to see how the 'vette shapes up. That photoshop looks great. Are you going to design a gearbox/transaxle of some kind or just cover it up with bodywork and let us imagine what's inside?
  3. This is bananas, I love what you're doing with the project. I was unaware of that Alfa engine (way cool) and it had never occurred to me that superchargers could be driven off the center of an engine. Good luck with the exhaust setup! I see a pile of AMT Olds hilborn injectors. Do they factor in, somehow??
  4. Awesome build, I love the detailing and weathering, not to mention the engineering and powertrain mods. Looks like maybe a 3D printed frame and air tank? Where did you source the engine? This one's going into my inspiration folder for sure 😁
  5. Nice clean-and-simple build. It definitely has that 70s survivor vibe! I'm happy to see the 3D printed Cal Custom 6-pack getting used for builds like this!😎
  6. Love that paint fade and the Star wires on pinstripe whitewalls! Beautiful work
  7. Super cool! I love the cracking effect; I wonder if it's achievable with readily available ingredients (as opposed to buying special hobby finishes). I might have to give it a try...
  8. I'm enjoying this project! That dashboard is a natural for the 'vette.
  9. I salute your ambition! I've been very conservative with my 3D printing so far, but you just jump in with the 12-hour prints of full 1/25 scale bodies, haha. Wow!
  10. Love it so far! My own "T" build is stalled at scratchbuilding the wire wheels...I got one done 2 years ago and have been avoiding it ever since, lol. I'll race ya!
  11. Loving this build! I once had a '41 Plymouth on the bench and reached the same conclusions regarding its proportions. I swear a real '41 Plymouth is better looking than the AMT body somehow. The biggest issue in trying to section the Plymouth is that with the front fenders curving up to meet the hood sides, there's no way to easily section it through the beltline as with a Ford. The solution you've arrived at is quite effective! I like that you're rodding the inline 6 too, instead of V8 swapping it...it has that late 40s full custom look! I'm looking forward to seeing the V'd grille in place. I've passed over that grille many times in the past because it's too flat and frog-mouthy, so I'm curious to see how it looks now that you've tweaked it.
  12. Fascinating stuff...I'm impressed by the size of the parts you're able to print! I've also encountered the difficulties of free 3D models being absolutely trash from a geometry perspective. Many of the free models out there were either created many years ago by hobbyists, or stolen from video games and modified over the years for other purposes (sometimes with dubious workmanship). That Dodge mesh has some proportional issues, but at least it looks like it was in the ballpark! I really want to do a Stude pickup, but the time required to model, support, and print the parts is pretty intimidating, especially considering I'd have to print the body in small chunks and then assemble them.
  13. Spectacular. I eagerly await future updates. Can't wait to see that upholstery decal in place!!
  14. I like this project, very cool idea. I'm glad you're tightening it up and giving it the attention it deserves!
  15. Yes! As soon as I saw "'37 Ford/53 Corvette" I got my hopes up that it would be a custom and not just an engine swap, but then I recognized the project from several years ago. One of my faves! Glad to see this build pop up again. The shortened roof looks great. I think some added plastic to extend the scoops and remove that sharp vertical demarcation between the 'vette fenders and the Ford body would be an excellent idea. Caddy mill sounds good too!
  16. Incredibly cool. Excellent work converting that body, I could have believed it was an original Dave Deal offering! Love the custom decals, too. At first I thought the "Dave Deal Engineering" decal read "Dave Deal Everything" which would also be appropriate in this case 😄
  17. Just wanted to comment on the methodology thing: according to census.gov and the 2010 census results, roughly 7% of the US population is 7 years old or younger. I'm gonna cut those 6-year-olds a break. They'll learn where chocolate milk comes from eventually. But seriously, if it was 7% of adult respondents, and the sample group was like 100 people, and 7 out of the hundred decide that messing with the survey would be fun, well....I remember reading a comment somewhere from a guy who claimed that when his grade 9 class was surveyed about their cohort's drug use, they happily checked off every drug known to man 😄 I would have done the same (as long as it was anonymous, haha)! Everything in moderation. That includes sodium, outrage, and model cars 😜 Oh, and cursive?? What are ya, a hipster?
  18. That makes a big difference, Dennis! I think you'll be glad you made the effort, when all is said and done.
  19. Just saw this topic and coincidentally I've been working on some wheel covers for an '86 Blazer project I hope to start soon, converting an MPC Deserter because all the vintage kits are $$! I don't have any appropriate Chevy wheels, but I did mock up the caps on some AMT '40 Ford reversed wheels that are similar. It's been tricky trying to exaggerate the detail juuust enough so it'll look OK with paint.
  20. Well that's cool! Thanks for the detailed photos, looks like the technique produces a very controllable result.
  21. You're a madman! That Novi blower is a complicated piece. There might be a 3D printed or cast-metal alternative, should you tire (no pun intended) of scratchbuilding it. Keep at it, this project is really cool.
  22. Ho.Lee.Smokes!! A stude 2R has been on my wish-list for ages, but as you mentioned there's but a single so-so resin offering out there. I had considered 3D modeling and then 3D printing one, or maybe carving parts of it from foam or wood and vacu-forming, but it would be such a massive project that I've been putting it off. I've been collecting restoration photos etc. to try and build up a reference library for when I eventually tackle it. That's an incredible achievement you've got there. I can see you thought hard about every curve and proportion. Those hood and fender forms are very important to the truck's overall look, and I'd say you nailed it. Ditto the others' comments-do you have any WIP shots? I'd love to see how it came together. The 1:1 version must be awesome too. I see it's tubbed; is it clipped too? Every time I see one of these for sale (not that frequently, but I check monthly, haha) I wish I was in the position to make it happen, but the reality is I'll probably have to settle for the 1/25 version. Someday.
  23. Fascinating! I stocked up on parts pack engines a couple years ago, but it's cool to see them re-surface again.
  24. I'm hoping to make some progress on my 2017 "projects to finish this year" list. Lol.
  25. Great shots! The last one with the tailfins mirroring each others curves actually made me "ooooh" out loud, haha. Nice eye!
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