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  1. Shaping up nicely! I'm loving that paint color. Aztec gold? Which brand/color is it?
  2. Thanks for the WIP pics! I hadn't noticed the pinched fenders or fully grasped the difference the passenger car hood made to the overall look, but the WIP shots make it clear. While the look is solidly "traditional" the body modification choices are timelessly stylish. Good stuff 😎
  3. I use the Firefox browser on a PC. Right click on the black header bar above the magazine page (clicking directly on the image is blocked) and select "Take Screenshot" from the dropdown list. Or, for Windows users, use the Snip app. Shortcut is Windows key+Shift+S, then draw a box encompassing what you want to screenshot, and then save the resulting image. I use this all the time to get around websites that would prefer I didn't get my grubby hands on their pixels.
  4. If you are looking for a 1/25 Olds Rocket, your best option is the Revell '50 Olds kit. I haven't quite got the 3D printed version whipped into shape yet (technical difficulties/lack of time). *edit* The intake, carbs, air cleaners, and valve covers in that 3D render are already up on the MLM Shapeways store, and are designed to fit the Revell '50 Olds.
  5. Now this is a beautiful truck! The stock '50 F1 has character, but the design is less awkward than most trucks of the same era..."good bones" you might say. The customizing choices you've made have enhanced the essential character of the truck and pared away the extraneous stuff. It reminds me of the work done by Valley Custom in the 50s. Killer work :D
  6. I'm not cool with that either. Playing devil's advocate...I understand people feeling like they paid for an STL file so they "own" it, and that the labor/costs of printing/cleaning/curing creates a value-added product that they should be compensated for. The modeling community benefits from affordable STL files being widely available, but it's subsidized by massive amounts of labor from passionate and skilled designers who have taken on significant overhead costs. At some point, the goose will decide it's given the community enough free golden eggs and will stop laying them. Personally, I'm sitting on some files that I've spent too much time on to simply give away, and it doesn't feel great to be holding my own work hostage. I hope you can work things out!
  7. Wicked indeed! I love that red, and the black/gold detailing is killer. It's difficult to change the lines of this car without ruining the original design, but this bodykit seems quite sympathetic to the original lines. The result is spectacular! Very cool to see 3D printed parts from multiple vendors used in combination to create a rendition of the sort of car you'd see at SEMA or on the show circuit these days.
  8. Wow😜 Thanks for the photos! Tons of breathtaking and unique cars there. I enjoyed seeing a mix of new and old stuff; that new Lotus is pretty sweet, and I get a kick out of the old Vector supercars. The silver Duesenberg "20 Grand" is the perfect ambassador for this kind of get-together, haha. Most of these cars won't fit a top hat, but if you squint...out of the corner of your eye, you'll see 'em 🤑
  9. I think this is one of my favorite builds of this kit! You nailed the appearance of heavily lacquered wood;that dose of realism helps to temper the cartoony proportions and set it apart from other renditions. Nice photography too
  10. RE the wheels in the 3-in-1 ratrod kit: they're early Torque Thrusts, more or less (edit: so mid-60s and not really TROG material). Larger diameter than the AMT TT wheels (as are most of the Revell wheels from kits of that era). The wheels in the Revell Sedan are totally different; they're Halibrands of the sort mentioned above (Studebaker dealer option) but they lack any lug nut detail.
  11. Killer. I love the proportions on this one. It has all the right bits...and the reworked roof is the cherry on top! A Fad T just isn't the same without a crazy hi-hat and some cartoonishly wide meats.
  12. That sounds like a similar loadout to my local library! I can't offer much feedback on the printer/camera, but I can definitely put in a good word for Blender. It has a steep learning curve but an active community so there are tons of tutorials on Youtube. If your goal is to create 3D models for 3D printing, you can do that with Blender. EDIT And Frank, it's awesome to see how you're using those scans. Looks like it injects a hefty dose of confidence into the workflow: less guess n' test and more productivity.
  13. Whoa! Trying out 3DCoat has been on my to-do list for a while now (for concept art, not for 3D printing though), so this is very interesting. It will allow me to familiarize myself with the toolset. Later I may decide to spring for a subscription for the full-featured software; no doubt this is their goal. Thanks for the heads-up!
  14. Ack!! Lol, I was working on my own 3D model of a '32 Ford frame with intention of offering stock and boxed versions with '32 K-member and '40 Ford-style X members. Looks like somebody beat me to it!! Good for him
  15. I use Firefox on window 10, and I frequently experience this issue (it's happening right now, in fact). I've tried a variety of things to correct it, but no luck. Now I just edit the URL directly to navigate to the desired page. For instance, if I want to get to page 2 of: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/119106-shelby-cobra-csx2001-64-tour-de-france/ I just add page/2 to the end of the URL. Inconvenient, but it works. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/119106-shelby-cobra-csx2001-64-tour-de-france/page/2
  16. It's fun to see all the love for the XJs But man, those are some of the cleanest-looking examples I've ever seen, guys! Mine is "unmolested" in that it's not modified. But with the winter driving (brine, yech) it's going downhill in an awful hurry. I feel like a monster for letting it happen, but...they did make a zillion of the things, after all! It only has 250k on it, so as long as I don't completely deferred-maintenance it to death, I hope to get some more years out of it yet!
  17. I don't remember that conversation at all 😆😂 Looking at it again...it wouldn't fly at Shapeways, but I bet an independent model-printer could do it. I've seen some incredibly delicate stuff printed lately. I have a lot of other projects on the go, so I probably won't get to it soon, I'm afraid.
  18. Haha, crazy! Glad to see this one back on the bench again. I'm digging the way the rear side scoops are blended in better now! The oval opening in the rear is cool too. Personally I would have put quad single buckets on the front (like Cushenbery's Marquis) but the variety is part of what makes these wild kustoms so fun Man...I'm going right to my bench to revive my own full-custom '40 project. It deserves to be finished.
  19. Thanks for posting these! I'm too young to have been there, was never into vans, never had access to magazines that featured them (and am not inclined to go and buy vintage mags with vans in them) so it's actually really fun to scope these scans as a change of pace. Lots of over-the-top tacky stuff but it's fun too. I'm a fan of the chopped fat-tire F100 trucks.
  20. Cool! I've often wondered if there's a performance upgrade for the Cherokee. They're generally treated as either winter beaters or weekend trail rigs, so not much motivation for engine swaps there. I see Cherokees around all the time, and daily drive one. Yeah, they're all beat. And two-doors? Forget it, haha!
  21. Cool! Ambitious project, trying to create all those compound curves to line up with the kit's surfaces.
  22. Awesome! Seeing these boards instantly brings back a memory of smelling epoxy resin at a custom sailboard builder's shop in Hood River as a kid.
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