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  1. I'd be sceptical about an operating aluminum all metal model with 500+ pieces and ONLY $53. Me smells a scam! Although, the $500 kit is a little fishy too. What does it have that makes it cost so much?
  2. Then again slap a certain soda carrier with the red and white swirl on it and anything becomes marketable. Include a vending machine and I'm in!
  3. Have you guys been to the pump lately? Plastic is made from the same sources.
  4. Saw this on Ebay, looks cool. Just too dear for this poor soul.
  5. Problem is, all the tooling that was used to make this version were "touched" to make the stocker. Body, chassis, interior shell, front and rear bumpers. So, unlike the Olds conv. there isn't much left of the original tool. Same with the Buick Skylark. However, I think there would be a justifiable selling market for the Buick, not so much for the Delta 88.
  6. No need to rush, everything is coming along great.
  7. I like the hole on the door panels, in preparation for the lock buttons. The more you look, the more you see. Steve, I think you were born in the wrong scale!😉
  8. If they won't let you know who they are - dump it right away. I'm the same way with screening my calls - no talk, no dice. If they can't be up front with who they are, they don't need my time.
  9. On the topic of suggestions for future releases: With the 72 Chevy pickup back in circulation, what are the chances it can be mated back with the Open Road camper? We know the tooling exists, as it was a Model King exclusive about 15-20 years ago. No clean up needed, just box 'em up together!
  10. Did you bet money on it? Cause you'd win! What a waste of a good steel hood. Probably worth some money to someone.
  11. Try setting it on a set of fenders - You'll never go back!!!
  12. Do you mean the Magnum 500 wheels that were available on the SS package Camaros? The houndstooth upholstery was only available on the deluxe interior, also includes different door panels. This kit has the standard interior. Guess you could raid a Pace Car Convertible kit for one.
  13. I remember when this 63 roadster was announced to be reissued, people were ecstatic. Thinking it was going to be the original annual with rotating headlights. Bummed to learn it was just the retooled coupe with the top lopped off. Being a Prestige series, there was a higher bar to be set. Instead, it was just a regular kit with a pen holder. Not worth the hype.
  14. True, and some kits like the 69 Lincolns, 68 Pontiac and Chevy just disappeared. End of the line tools, never to be seen again. Probably many more I don't remember.
  15. Do it some more, I like the stuff in your dreams. My dreams are, I go into a store (drug, thrift, antique) and on the shelf I find one old collectible kit, then another and another. I find so many that I try to grab them, but when I go back to where they are - they keep disappearing! I wake up depressed, because I missed a golden opportunity to acquire something that never existed.
  16. My feeble research shows the original HHUG Barracudas were 66-68 models, only 69 models were recreations. If I'm wrong, somebody will be sure to say so. Now that's a rumor I haven't heard, but would be all abuzz if it were true? Calling Steve G....
  17. I like this guess. If only they make it the correct 68 and not a 69.
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