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  1. I wrote this 11 years ago .. and I got most of what I hoped for, and others which I had wished for in the years since writing this. I guess if you wait long enough, and the tooling exists, it will eventually return.
  2. Yay! And of course .... after I finally tracked down this kit . 😄👍 All kidding aside I hope they can make the clear lights available separately.
  3. Another needle did not work? Is the O ring between the head and the body of the airbrush intact? There is not much that can go wrong with the H and now I just want to know what happened. 😃
  4. Do you have another needle set to try?
  5. Testors still offers the Glosscote Lacquer and Dullcote lacquer in bottles. For semi gloss you can mix them to get the sheen you desire. Lots of other good suggestions in this thread, the Tamiya Acrylics, and Mr. Color offerings are even better choices. Though for a good flat coat Testors Dullcote is great.
  6. The kit currently has turn signals in the bumpers and the grille, so it is a mix and match of years. The grill just looks odd to me, like the headlights are too big. I was just really happy to see they addressed the things I do not like about the kit
  7. never mind .... what I said had already been said
  8. The guidance I have received, and what works for me is to adjust the regulator to the desired pressure while holding the trigger down on the airbrush.
  9. Oh nice, it looks like the clear parts are molded in clear, and not smoked plastic like the 80s issue I have. I have waited a very long time for another shot at this one. (I started it back in the day but not well)
  10. I got the "style 6" grill on ebay, before thinking of going directly to the site. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it, sometimes you just have to act quickly.
  11. I guess the logic we can apply is that if it was last molded in China, Atlantis can not have it. There are many Monogram and Revell kits that I wonder if still exist, which have not been reissued in a very long time. We will just have to wait and see.
  12. It is an interesting build. I really enjoyed building mine.
  13. Oh wow .. thanks for sharing that link. I just wish style 6 did not have the headlights molded in ... but it is is a great improvement on the kit grill.
  14. It is all a matter of taste, and it can be hard to look past a style or genre which does not appeal to me. But I can appreciate new ideas, and craftsmanship even if it is not something I like. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to taste.
  15. They must have a strategy, and maybe the Drag racing models do not fit. There seems to be pent up demand for many of these kits, which fits the market for Atlantis, but would the kits Atlantis released do well world wide? I am inclined to think the drag racing models might not appeal to people who are too young to remember those cars, or modelers in countries where drag racing is not popular. If my recollection is correct, the Chevy Luv, and the Chevy van were both produced in the United States recently, so They saved at least two molds which were in the US. I am interested to see if they release anything from the late stage of Pre-Merger Revell, like the very early 3rd gen F-bodies.
  16. Does any one currently .. or did any one ever offer a 1/24th scale mechanical fuel pump? I have looked at all the aftermarket sources I am aware of, and found everything but a mechanical fuel pump. I want something other than a blob molded to the engine block. If not, which kit has a good one? This is for a 1978 corvette.
  17. I do not think you need a seperate airbrush for water based and enamels/Lacquers. I have started to hear this recommendation but I would like to understand the reasoning behind it before dismissing it. Any way, You will get lots of suggestions. My only only advice is to choose a name brand, high quality airbrush to start. The cheap chinese airbrushes are said to vary widely in quality, and often do not have replacement parts available. I have had good luck with Badger, Grex, Iwata, and Mr. Hobby airbrushes. If I lost everything and had to start from scratch all over again I would get an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS for most tasks, and a Mr. Hobby PS-290 with the optional handle for painting bodies.
  18. How do the wheels in the two kits compare? The Salvino 9 hole wheels are very strange looking, and the 5 slot wheels also look weird to me. Instead of having a concave profile, like a bowl, they are flat on the inner face, and look like a cake pan.
  19. You asked for it 1972 and 1973 Gran torino based on the Revell 1976 Torino Moebius GM Square body series ... I would love to see all the varieties of the Square Body covered, with modern tooling. Moebius seems perfectly suited to do this Any model kit with chrome blobs for headlights to have new parts tooled to have clear headlights.
  20. The Turtle Wax van looks cool. If that is not a re-issue, it is fun how they came up with a retro look for this.
  21. Cool, I am glad you had good luck with the old BMF. It looks like you were able to use just about every little scrap of that sheet. 👍👍
  22. I have had the adhesive fail, usually on a sheet which was open for at least a year. I also remember reading that if you see wrinkles in the foil on the sheet, it is a sign that the adhesive may have failed.
  23. The testors liquid cement is not working for bare plastic to bare plastic? That is very strange. How old is this bottle? That glue works by application to both parts which are to be bonded, and it is pretty slow to set, so are you giving it enough time to set?
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