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  1. Yes I looked at those, but I think maybe I am gonna try to scratch build them. .040 styrene and patience. Thanks
  2. Was wondering if anyone out there would have,or have an idea where I could find fender flare for 1/24-25 88-98 chevy truck.
  3. So I'm back. Finally getting all settled in to the new place. Time to get back to building. So got this Idea when I was unpacking the stash. gonna take the plow truck and ss454 and swap the chasis. Gotta shorten one and lengthen the other.
  4. I used a parts box front differential and transfer case, that were from an old stepside 4x4 chevy kit that got parted out. I will look through my stash and see if I have another.
  5. I know this is probably a long shoot, but I am looking for a minibike or older moped to go with the camping theme of the Burbon and camper. Any ideas or if someone had one they would part with Please let me know.
  6. Hear is one of my favorite paint jobs. Let the wife pick the colors!!
  7. That green looks nice on these. Back in my teen years a buddy of mine had a 53 that he got from a neighbor for doin body work on his vette. He painted it what we always called Genese cream ale green with a white top. Kept the 6 cylinder with 3 on the tree. Set of aluminum slotted wheels, was a pretty nice looking chevy.
  8. Probably won't be posting for awhile. Buying new house so gonna be pretty busy with that for a while. Till we get moved and everything set back up. Will be back.
  9. Finally got a chance to set back down at my desk. Got the roof rack built for the suburban. Think it looks pretty ok? Tried to make it look period correct? Gota do a little sanding and fitting yet, and paint.
  10. Got interior pretty much done. Decided to change it to stick rather than three on the tree. Kinda fits the 4 wheel drive version better, I think.
  11. Has an 89 305 HO from camaro . Punched 0.20 over, 305 ported and polished vortec heads, weiland duel plane intake, 650 dominator carb, rattler cam, headers. Fun to drive.
  12. Rite!! on the mpg. Shame fuel's not the same price per gallon as it was back then. Make those gas guzzler more friendly to drive. Thanks for the comments.
  13. Made a little more progress on the suburban and the camper. Got the window and door trim painted on the camper. Got the burban painted. Think I'm gona try building a roof rack for the suburban.
  14. I also love this body style, 75-79. here is what I did with the kit I had. This was the police car, can't remember the name of the kit, I built it to look like the 1.1 1977 that I had back in the mid 80;s. Love this body style. I have actually owned several 1.1;s, including a 1979 Pontiac phoenix. This kit I built probably 15 years ago.
  15. Thanks for all your comments. Was a fun build.
  16. Got some color on the Burban and the camper. Like the turquoise and white combo. Think the Burban is gonna look good in the same colors. Still more work to do.
  17. So here are a few of my lowered trucks. The green chevy is of my 1/1 ride. The gray one was my original idea for the 1/1. The other 2 are quick builds the black one was a glue bomb from a yard sale. I chopped the top and lowered it. The wheels are from 62 impala. The 57 was one I painted then put it away for about 5 years. Needed room in the stash so it got built in about 2 days.
  18. Some of you might remember my post on this last year. Its the 66 suburban I converted to 4x4 and the scratch built camper. So got digging through the stash and came upon them, and though, lets finish these. Going to be finished in matching light blue and white. As always thanks for looking.
  19. So finally finished the dumper, for now, think it came out pretty nice. Thanks to everyone for all the input during the build.
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