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  1. Thanks everyone! 1972coronet... I thought so too and took a gamble. That is flat Folkart Bright Red and Craftsmart flat white with, first, a few coats of DecoArt Americana Gloss varnish for the decals... then DecoArt Americana Semi-Gloss after the decals were applied. I'm going to make my next one shiny (I hope) so I am not sure how well the craft paints will do. I am hoping to make it shiny without the stink of Enamels or Lacquers but we will see. I am honestly not sure what to do as I have no experience but I do know I am using my new airbrush. I love that thing. I will be paintin
  2. Thanks again all.. I appreciate it and had a lot of fun. BigTallDad, my next two models are both what I believe to be called curbside models so no engines but I will try to get some interior shots. Actually, I just forgot to take them so here is a couple. I had the engine looking OK but used too much superglue on the painted parts and messed them up a bit (you can see that it looks crystallized on those parts) and also had trouble closing the hood with the hose from the supercharger to the carb so I pulled it off the supercharger. The interior looked great until I took the tape off be
  3. Thanks guys.. truth be told I built three real fast in a two week period thirty years ago when I was 18 but I didn't know what I was doing so I am calling this my first "real" one.
  4. After having Tom's video at "The Scalemodeling Channel" pop up in my YouTube feed three weeks ago, I got the bug to start building model cars. With the help of his channel and several others and all the research I have done here and other forums and websites and magazines I was able to complete my first model. I made a lot of mistakes but it was a lot of fun and I am ready to get started on my next one. I've got to say that I am pretty impressed with it even with all the mistakes. It is the Revell Fireball Roberts 57 Ford. I'm not quiet sure how posting photos here works so I hope the pic
  5. That looks awesome. I've always loved the IMSA/Le Mans/GT/Prototype cars. I'll be building a lot of these.
  6. Hey Dan, I am a complete newb to all this but I have watched hours of YT videos and have learned a lot from them and this forum and some magazines.. Which I have spent hours reading. I've only been at this for three weeks. I will post a video below that I found helpful and it was this guys YT video that popped up in my feed that made me want to start modeling. Some thing that seems very important after you decant is to let it vent for about an hour or so after you have decanted it. You will see at the end of this video when he sticks somethings in there that is "boils over" if you do
  7. Looks great! I found and subscribed to your YT channel last week and learned a lot being a newbie to all this. I even asked a question about where you get your Nascar models and decals and you helped me out there.
  8. I think everyone who likes Top Fuel Dragsters should head over to HL with their 40% off coupon and grab one (or both) of these for $18 plus tax
  9. Great job! I love them and that is my style of model building.
  10. I hope you do put up a how to series on building the nascar kits. That would be awesome! I am about to complete my first build.. it is the Fireball Roberts 57 Ford Nascar. Putting on decals are the most enjoyable part of modeling to me for some reason. This kit had really nice decals that went on without any problems.
  11. Really cool.. the snake and the mongoose are on my to buy at 40% off at HL so this will be very motivating and instructional for me.
  12. Thanks Steven... that is good to know. For your list of must have paints (flat black, etc.) which brand do you recommend? I got a Molotow 2mm pen this weekend at HL and it did the side trim really beautiful and easy. I also got a sheet of BMF this past week and tried it. It went on great on the bottom half of my windshield but the panel line and detail for the upper half was smaller and kept falling off so I used the pen on that part too and it looked better than the foil but I could barely tell the separation of the two. I'm keeping it like that as this is my first build. I really
  13. Good to know about the sharpies.. I got a Molotow 2mm chrome pen yesterday 40% off from Hobby Lobby and it is great for the side molding on the car I am doing now. Those paints you mentioned above are they Model Masters? And also are they acrylic or enamel? I have a testors acrylic set and the gloss black covers well but the flat black doesn't so I need a good flat black that will cover well. I also picked up a set of Vallejo Air paints but haven't tried them yet.
  14. I am a newbie to the modeling world and was watching a YouTube video by AndyX the other day where he mentioned that Model Masters Silver Chrome Trim was a must have paint. I got a bottle at Hobby Lobby and was impressed. It went on easy with no brush strokes and covered everything with the first coat and looked just like chrome. This paint will always be on my desk. That makes me wonder what other paints are a must have that you all always use with every kit?
  15. Looks great! I am new here and really to modeling (built a few as a kid 30 years ago). I recently found and subscribed to your YT channel so I'll have to see if you have this one on there. I'm learning a lot from you all who have great YT channels. I just purchased two 2017 Danika Patrick nascar kits off amazon for a great price and plan on getting different decals since I don't like the look of her car.. must be why it is less expensive than the others.
  16. Hello all, I am new here and haven't built a model in over 30 years. When I was a very young child in the late 70's I built my first kit that is actually on the cover of an old Model Cars Magazine (pic below). I just glued it together and had a couple of bottles of Testors paint that I painted in various places with a paint brush. It looked terrible. I built one more but the pic on the box looked so nice and my finished model looked aweful without the proper paint job so I lost interest. In my late teens I tried it again and got some Testor's spray paint and built about three Nascar
  17. I would like to experiment with these paints and am curious what you use to mix them with and how you prevent them from rubbing off when handling?
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