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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the comments, much appreciated. Mike, yes the kit came with the louvered trunk lid. EMRE, this is the Revell Special Edition 5 window coupe 2n1 kit.
  2. Thanks. Thanks Bob. Thanks. Thanks Jim. I had already assembled and painted the hood, didn't want to try and take it apart. But yea I think it would look better without the sides. I've used Tamiya clear over Testor's enamel a few times and never had a problem. Thanks Carl.
  3. I've built a few of these, but always the highboy. This is my first building the kit coupe. OOB except for plug wires and I added some exhaust tips. Paint is Testor's Gloss Teal. Photos show it a little more blue than it actually is. Fun kit, went together well, had a few problems getting the fender panels and body to fit together right, but worked it out. Not a contest winner, but I'm satisfied with it. I wish I had left the sides off the hood, but I had already assembled and painted it so didn't want to try and take it apart. All comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  4. Put on some flames, and sprayed on some Tamiya x-22 clear.
  5. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks Thanks
  6. I painted the interior parts with Tamiya Sea Blue. It looks almost flat black though. Chassis is done, engine installed.
  7. Thanks Jim. Thanks Bob. Thanks Carl. Thanks Kevin.
  8. The compressor I posted a link to has a tank on it. The Passche H is a great airbrush, you can find used ones on ebay for reasonable prices.
  9. I started this one a while back, messed up the paint and put it aside to build the Trans Am. Now I'm back on it. I had first went with Testor's Gloss Red acrylic but I messed it up. I have now stripped it and went with Testor's Gloss Teal Enamel. I've built a couple of these in the past but never the coupe. This will be a box stock build.
  10. I bought this one a few months ago. I really like it. Works great. https://www.amazon.com/PointZero-HP-Airbrush-Compressor-Portable/dp/B004KNDQCM/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=point+zero+airbrush+compressor&qid=1694263025&sr=8-9
  11. Sharp looking Nova wagon. Nice work.
  12. Nice work Michelle. I remember watching Knight Rider back in the day.
  13. Beautiful build Bob. Excellent work.
  14. Another Vallejo Model Color user here. I use the black a lot for detail stuff. It brushes great and covers great even over other colors. And HL carries a good selection.
  15. Looking good Bob. Nice job with the BMF.
  16. Thanks David. Thanks Michelle. Thank you. Thanks Bob. Thank you. Thanks.
  17. Thanks Carl. Thanks Joe. Thanks David.
  18. Didn't come out as good as I wanted. Seems my last 3 or 4 builds start out ok, then go downhill during the final assembly. My builds from a year ago were looking much better. I've got to stop being impatient with my builds and do more prep work before I start putting things together. Anyway, this is painted with Testor's Gloss Blue Acrylic. Interior is a semi gloss black. I tried some weathering on the chassis, engine and the engine bay. I tried following the excellent tutorial by Steven in the tips section. There are some pics of that in my WIP. All comments are welcome, and thanks for looking.
  19. Looks great. I'm building the same kit, but it's not looking as good. I over looked fitting the front and rear body panels before paint, and they do not fit well. The hood is also a bad fit. Mine is Testor's Gloss Blue acrylic. BTW, mine does have the Trans Am decals.
  20. Got some detailing and weathering under the hood, and put on some decals.
  21. Interior. Hard to see painted black, and those seatbelt decals got lost in it.
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