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  1. No matter how understaffed, inefficient, and poorly organized the USPS gets, there’s always the IRS to blow those statistics out of the water.
  2. Hey keep your head up, most (including me) consider the GNX as a muscle car and it had a V6. Granted it did have a go-fast snail courtesy of Garrett. There’s been some performance parts made for the 4.0 V6.
  3. Depends on the amount of cylinders.
  4. Maybe they’ll show the ‘49 Ford reissue next month.
  5. I have high hopes for it. Just look at how much other technology has advanced in the last five years.
  6. Bummer. They have made quite a lot of good songs. Would hate to see the band dissolve.
  7. https://youtu.be/gj2iGAifSNI Hehehe.
  8. Still about 4.40 a gallon in Roseburg.
  9. Congratulations to your son, Alan. Sounds like he was raised right no doubt. Sorry about your father’s health however. It’s an accomplishment in itself to make into your eighties though.
  10. Thanks Carl. Is it true that kids are like wine: they get more expensive with the passage of time? Lol
  11. Felt my son make some big kicks today. He’s sure been a squirmy little dude.
  12. Smoke Wagon

    26 T

    These Buttera T kits look sweet with body colored grilles and headlight buckets. Very clean paintwork.
  13. Nice lil speedster, the gray looks great on it. From the days before we did crazy things like adding carbon to rubber and vulcanizing it. Cars have really come a long way.
  14. Well there’s a couple Earnhardt(Sr. & Jr.) cars and a Harvick car in there, but it’s still a sea of 24s... that would make just about anybody fall into a slump.
  15. Still about 4.30-4.50 around here. I might have to take up gold prospecting as another hobby to help balance my checkbook
  16. Was listening to that exact song earlier this evening.... gonna close the blinds now.
  17. It would still be a change in infrastructure, but nowhere near the same level as ripping out or repurposing thousands of gas stations and building charging kiosks in stores’ parking lots. It also wouldn’t render the majority of vehicles on the road completely obsolete, so there’s that too.
  18. Porsche was researching into synthesized fuels for ICE cars and trucks a while back. It was something about harvesting CO2 from the atmosphere and using it and hydrogen to synthesize hydrocarbons, leading to a gasoline without any useless byproducts left in it, resulting in cleaner burning, better engine efficiency, and less harmful emissions. On top of that, since the CO2 required to make the fuel would be sourced from the atmosphere, it would be carbon neutral. Sounded like a win-win idea.
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