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  1. Cool build. Nice work on the engine.
  2. Cool Camaro. I like the body color.
  3. Nice build. Good job detailing the engine.
  4. Sharp build. Nice body color. Cool pics.
  5. Cool build. Nice work detailing the interior.
  6. I really enjoy Chris' youtube channel. His videos are a great resource in terms of kit content and building tips. I don't look down on this building techniques due to the amount of kits he has to build in a short amount of time. I appreciate his positive and friendly demeanor.
  7. Cool build. Nice body color and stance.
  8. carrucha

    57 Chevy

    Looks nice. Good job on the foiling. Foiling is easier if you spread over two or three nights. I got frustrated when I tried to do it all in one night.
  9. Very sharp. Cool that you built it like the box art.
  10. Cool beater pickup. Good job on the weathering. Not over done but realistic.
  11. Sharp Vette. It looks good in white.
  12. Very sharp GTO. Nice body color.
  13. Cool Merc. I like the flames.
  14. Nice set of Ectos. The lights are a cool touch.
  15. Nice that you are building it with an inline six. I bought a resin Ford inline six from MCW for my 1960 Ranchero build. I look forward to seeing your finished build.
  16. Cool custom. Glad you rebuilt it. I have also had a bad experience with Testors black lacquer.
  17. Thanks! I thought those might be Modelhaus parts.
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