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  1. Pretty close. Here's a 1906-08 Panhard.
  2. My favorite kit. Looks like you've really done your homework on this.
  3. Totally agree. (Hmm. Seems that quoted replies no longer show the accompanying images)
  4. Why do you have a flashing yellow ball as an avatar?
  5. Yes, this is a hideous representation of a 275 GTB. Unfortunately, it's TOTALLY accurate to the mess inside the box.
  6. Here's what I was talking about on the windshield difference between the Testors/Italeri windshield and the real car. If you can find a Franklin Mint junker, it would be a good parts source -- it's nearly perfect.
  7. The only really big deal with the Italeri roadster kit is the shape of the windshield, which is off, and the wheels/tires are a bit large, otherwise it's extremely accurate. Any issues are exactly the same between the 1/24 and 1/16 versions. The biggest problem with Italeri is that they've used the same basic body based on the roadster for their Gullwing, and the real bodies are NOT the same. The roadster is very faithful, but it differs from the Gullwing with a wider grille and more pronounced fender curves, which they wrongly used for the Gullwing. The EntexTestors/etc. Gullwing versions have much more accurate bodies.In short, the Italeri roadster is as good as it gets except for the windshield. The Italeri Gullwing doesn't make the cut.
  8. If you're looking for detailed photo reference for classic sports cars, racers or other collectibles (not so much for muscle cars), Fantasy Junction has posted very detailed galleries over the years. Search in Google Images for Fantasy Junction (car name and model); their galleries will show cars shot against a red brick wall. Here are typical entries for Mercedes Gullwings: fantasy junction mercedes gullwing 300 sl
  9. For nuts-and-bolts photo reference for the Gullwing, look at ALL the Gullwings shown here against a red brick wall at Fantasy Junction. Details will vary in scope. fantasy junction mercedes gullwing 300 sl
  10. I have just about everything you need in my files (I'm a Gullwing fanatic and have all their manuals, plus hundreds or thousands of downloaded images of cars and parts). Just let me know what you want info on. In most cases, I use Google Images – Mercedes Gullwing (part), but Google isn't always good about that.
  11. Further note: The kit includes radio speakers but no radio or antenna. Leave out the speakers or contact me for how to build a simple Becker radio. The mounting piece is unique to the Gullwing. Essentially, you just print this out (about a hair over 1/4" wide at the top) to fit and use straight pins for the knobs. Or use a 1/24 PE radio and make the mounting frame. It hangs down under the bottom center of the dash.
  12. Spectacular in every detail. Great photos.
  13. As you can see from my prior post, you've put the oil hose in the wrong position. It should attach to the oil tank filler neck; the place where you attached it to the tank should go out toward the front with tubing, and be attached to the oil cooler to the right of the radiator. And your hose is about twice as thick as it ought to be. NOTE: The fittings on the oil tank that seem to go toward the back of the car, as seen in the diagram, go to a vacuum unit inside the cowling, which is not included as a kit part. You might also consider cutting a piece of rod to use as a cap for the filler neck.
  14. Depending how wonky you want to get, you should run wires from the distributor into the spark plug wires loom, and a wire from the back of the loom to the nose of the coil..
  15. Love it, beautiful work. Especially the "air conditioner."
  16. Here's the chart for above = you'll want to run the parts names through an online translator. https://www.niemoeller.de/en/300SL/300SL/B040/35/
  17. Quite right, so it doesn't matter if you get the wires matching., though you might want to add a wire out the back of the loom to go into the nose of the coil (coil should point to the outside of the car). One minor thing – the heat shield under the intake manifold is a separate part, usually shinier than the pipes, so it could use a little differentiation in finish and separation. As for the braided hose, there are three. One (part 25), runs from the valve cover to the oil tank filler neck. Another (part 24) runs into and out of the oil cooler mounted on the right side of the radiator.
  18. I'd let the buyer fix the SS headlights. Most people around here can handle it.
  19. I recently received my purchase of Harry's Rolls-Royce shooting brake, profiled in his book. Keeps him alive for me.
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