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  1. Nice paintwork and detailing with just the right amount of weathering. Excellent work! David G.
  2. Everything looks fantastic! Great work with the decals, I imagine it was a challenge getting them all centered, straight and square. David G.
  3. Nice work, good color and detail painting. David G.
  4. You've done some beautiful mods and updates on this kit Gareth! Everything looks top notch as always but your work on the engine finds a special place in my heart. Back when I was in high school, a classmate of mine build a '74 Pinto with a 4cyl. and four-speed manual transmission. In a similar fashion to what you've done with yours he put, as I recall, four Suzuki side-draft carburetors... essentially one carburetor per cylinder. That car had zero rev time and was wicked fast! Of course it looked nowhere near as good as yours as it spent the rest of its days in primer spots and body filler. A fond memory nonetheless. Thanks for that. David G.
  5. Most interesting! You have some elegant solutions to the issues at hand. It'll be great to see where you go with this. I did something similar with my Chevy Proton, splicing a '56 Nomad and '58 Impala together for the body. Here's a link to the build threat if you're interested. This one is definitely going on my watchlist. David G.
  6. The paint looks great, excellent color choice. I'm glad you got the trim bit sorted. It's like I say in my signature line, "Each kit I build is really only practice for the next one!". Once I developed that line of thought, it became much easier for me to push ahead and allow myself to make mistakes. Nice work on the chassis, classic Gasser stuff there. David G.
  7. The chassis looks great! Excellent progress on this. David G.
  8. The stripes look fantastic and the engine bay detail is mind-blowing! It looks great up on its wheels. Good ride height, very solid looking. David G.
  9. Hi Tom, It's great to know that someone else is working on making the same crazy conversion that I am. It'll be cool having someone to share ideas with. I like where you're going with the roof on yours. I still toy with the thought of doing that for mine, I guess some of that will depend on how the interior turns out. Thanks for posting the photos, I look forward to seeing more. David G.
  10. Great looking chassis Bob. David G.
  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday Carl. I hope your upcoming year is a great one! David G.
  12. Excellent work on the custom mods and kit bashing! David G.
  13. A great looking pair! David G.
  14. Wow! That's the best built-up example of that kit that I've seen. Maybe the only built-up example. David G.
  15. That's a snappy bit of engineering Si! It must be very gratifying to have that finally worked out. David G.
  16. Hello Everybody! I'm still working on the interior details. In the meantime I've done some basic detail painting on the basic chassis plate. I may do a little more to clean it up, or I may not. I haven't decided yet. But I'll probably do at least a little light weathering. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment. David G.
  17. Gorgeous color and the paintwork looks great too! David G.
  18. An excellent build-up of a unique historic kit, Well Done! David G.
  19. Beautiful color, nicely detailed and built, Well Done! David G.
  20. Excellent work on the stripes! Somehow, it seems like painting them would be a little easier than trying to wrangle a set of large decals into place. David G.
  21. Excellent work so far. I love the color! It reminds me of the colors that Mattel was using on their Hot Wheels cars back in the day. David G.
  22. Paint, fit and finish all look just about perfect! Well Done! David G.
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