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  1. Tom99, Nice work, it is just like putting together a puzzle with 500 pieces.( they all got to fit somewhere!) Keep up the good work I am following along on this one!
  2. You have a p.m. ( 1934 monogram cycle fenders)
  3. Novi , mi Walmart has the kits on an endcap in the toy section. got 2- 1964 olds conv, one 63 chev wagon, and a 65 GTO latest issue. Lots of coke kits left .Happy hunting and happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  4. I'll bet with the Round 2 stuff going to Walmart this year will will not see the kits at Ollies. The kits for Walmart had a summer production date on them. The kits produced were made for this Christmas's season(2021) Next year is another story!
  5. Walmart at New Hudson, Mi off I-96, has the Round 2 display. It has been regulated to the Toy aisle though. No Nova wagons, Grumpy's Vega or 1964 Oldsmobiles. Just Coke stuff left! enjoy and happy hunting!
  6. Also nice save ! Don't make it a Kustom, unless all the Stock detail is gone on the body! I'll be watching this one, too!
  7. RDean58, I think the AMT 1969 Ford Galaxie uses that same chassis, if I remember correctly. Mark or Snake can you confirm this?
  8. Yes Ace-Garageguy , NO power=NO manufacturing jobs, No freedom to drive anywhere you want, No food ,ETC. I'm not against EV's, but let's put our resources into the best solution(Ben Franklin Style) possible for all the planet and all future people . Hydrogen fueled seems to be the best. Natural gas next, then electrics? Also can electric vehicles pull camping trailers and have an extended range in the cold states? MI, Minn, Wisconsin, N and S Dakota come into Mind.
  9. If we go to 100 % electric vehicles, then any Enemy/terrorist of the USA , can bomb the power plants. Where does that leave us? With cars we can't drive? Easy targets for a take over? Will we still will need Gasoline for all the generators to run when the power grid goes out? Your electric bill WILL go sky-high negating the savings on gasoline, if we go all electric!
  10. That must be Toyota then. A person I know has a 2-year lease on a hydrogen-powerd car in California that he drives. (ca emissions only) .
  11. Jon, thanks for posting this. Guys, let us all keep Norm Veber in your prayers for a successful operation and for a full recovery. Amen
  12. Bob wills 83, you have a P.M.( letter icon on your sign-in page)
  13. Just googled it .I got it confused with the 1926 Seagrave pumper Ertl did .They do a 1937 Ahrens-fox pumper too
  14. Steve , that came out as a Ertl die cast in the 1990's? they used the plans left by Amt/ Lesney to make it. It is a nice fire truck and they aren't hard to get.
  15. Fenton, Mi ,(off Owen road)had the Round 2 display Monday, by Tuesday it was bumped offf the main aisle and kits regulated to the shelves in the toy section. All Coke trucks and cars left. No 64 Olds , 63 Chev wagon, or Grumpy's Vega.😪
  16. Steve(can-con) Is the sunroof off a Johan 76-77 Eldorado (snap kit or promo) grafted on? or did you scratch build it? Just curious. Either way it is excellent!
  17. TO fix find a 1972 Amt Mustang body. Graft promo body front clip on to keep sealed hood . Use engine block off from promo on kit chassis .Use kit glass if needed . Reuse promo wheels .Use new kit chrome or re-chrome Promo bumpers . Paint all body panels with Grabber blue paint including under side. TAPE OFF AND PAINT LOWER SIDE SILVER AND I THINK THE SEPERATE EXHAUST WAS SILVER ALSO?( But not 100% sure). A LOT OF WORK BUT A GOOD FAKE 160$ PROMO FOR YOU OWN SHELF when done! Very challenging but can be done!
  18. Thank you Dave and Mobius for fixing it. Now guys go vote with you wallet$. I'm in for 2 of them for sure!
  19. Reuhkapelti2- you have just inspired me to kit bash my 66 Nova kit with a 1963 Chevy 2 wagon- roofs are the same on the real cars, thank you!!!
  20. I had this very kit as a kid. I didn't build it that good though! Thanks for the memories! The Lindberg kits were simple to build, didn't have to paint them( just the tires with Testor's 15 cent bottle of black), and were kool, non-conservative hot rods for the time! They represented freedom from rules and the need for speed to this teen kid!
  21. Peter31a, Does the test have to be done at the border on the way back? Are there over-the-counter Covid tests that can be bought cheaply at the drug stores here (USA)?(Rite aid , Walmart , Walgreens, CVS)?, and be used to prove you don't have covid on the way back? Just thinking out loud for you! You need to ask the Border Patrol these questions ahead of time. The cost of that Covid test in Canada looks like a Money grab for the Canadian government!( moderator- just stating a fact here not making it political!)We welcome all Canadian model fans to our show in Macomb, Michigan, Good luck and Happy hunting!
  22. We have a stock one( real car) running around here in Highland ,Mi, in the same color scheme!
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