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  1. I love it, great stance, I love the low buck steel wheels. Very well done!
  2. I’m watching Snake, I love Kit bashing and saving tired old plastic too!
  3. Ok, so I’ve been stuck on the headers, for way too long, I’ve tried all the suggestions listed above, tried making my own a couple of times with solder, and I’m done, I’m moving on. I used the kit headers and I’m calling it close enough. I’m calling the chassis done, I added a helmet to the interior. I scratch built the master cylinder. Getting closer to my first complete build this year.
  4. I tried those they would not fit either.
  5. Wow I can’t believe the last time I posted was in February, since then I’ve moved my daughter back from Indiana and had little to no bench time. I really hate to loose the momentum I had building last year, so I’m trying to push a little more. Small update, I got the gages added to the interior, the chassis is done except for the drive shaft safety loop. The chrome trim is done and the glass installed. I’ve added spark plug wires to the engine. I’m getting close
  6. Very nicely built, love the color combo and the wheel choice.
  7. dragcarz

    Taco Time

    That’s beautiful Jim!
  8. Wow Joe, that’s nice, I love WW2 aircraft and I have never built one. It inspires me though.
  9. So Joe, the NHRA has sold Atlanta Dragway, and this weekend is the last race there. I went today and I found this in the pits and took some shots for you.
  10. I love kit-bashing, great work Mike!
  11. I located this set and the center cap look more like yours, they measure smaller than the first set, but they have axle stubs. They measured .059 in diameter.
  12. I have these.......they look deeper than yours. There yours if you want them.
  13. Looking good Dan, I’m glad you’re back!
  14. Thank you Thomas! There are some great people on this forum, and your one of them! Very appreciated
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