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  1. I got the kit tires out and measured them and the measured out to12.5 wide and 30 3/4 tall. So the kit tires are pretty accurate.
  2. According to Car Craft January 1969 issue the real car had 13:00x 16 M&H Racemaster slicks.
  3. Thanks everyone for the adds, I love this thread.
  4. Every so often this thread needs a kick in the pants, so here goes.
  5. I love this! Valiant’s, Lancers and the little Darts are all very cool! I love what your doing here, great Kit bashing at its finest!
  6. Great imagination, I love what your doing here. Looks great so far!
  7. Wow Joe, I almost missed this build, I normally lurk the Drag forums, waiting for that Maverick to show up. As usual it looks fantastic. I’ll be following this one now.
  8. I really like this! Great work so far, can’t wait to see it completed.
  9. Very cool build, lots of hard work on this one, looks great!
  10. Looking great, can’t wait to see it completed, love the color!
  11. Wow that’s very nice, I also love the Tow truck in the Zephyr livery. Very cool!
  12. Wow very nice, great build and I love older drag cars!
  13. Looks very nice, great detail, and it’s hot in north Georgia also!
  14. WOW, how did I miss this? Awesome work, great subject, excellent details on the body!
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