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  1. Very nice kit bashing, looks quite natural.
  2. Roger, Ironically I just did a level 3 on a '61 Comet, a glue/paint bomb that turned out pretty well as a bare plastic shelf model. As well as a '60 Comet, and most recently a '63 convertible which is missing only the seat unit. The Meteor kits have engines, as this one does. The '62 and '63 Meteor promos did not have an engine, but they had a separate hood and the engine bay as in the kit, but with the promo style chassis. The '62 Fairlane promo did have an engine, as Ford wanted to show off their all-new 145 HP 221 Fairlane V8. I have the same green Fairlane promo, but it's pretty rough and missing the hood.
  3. That paint work is amazing, and I love the color combination. Your client should be pleased.
  4. Last Saturday I picked this up from an estate sale. A bit disheveled looking, It had Lincoln wheel covers and the tires were melted half off the wheel backs, so I gave it a Level 2 tidy (shameless Cold War Motors reference) with a correct set of wheel covers in my stash (3 anyway, the fourth is slightly different but close enough for this) and a general fussing. I originally thought that someone painted it that bluish gray, but later observed that the whole kit is molded in that color, with only the chassis and interior wearing paint. I didn't know that AMT did colored plastic that early, My other '63 Meteor is the usual ivory white styrene.
  5. That's really weird, I sent it to you in PM here 3 days ago, and it still appears in the thread (for me at least). In any case, I'm ready to send your Dodge wheel covers back, and I asked you to send me your mailing address to make the package come your way. PM me.
  6. You. Dodge wheel covers.
  7. Hey John, check your PMs. - Mike
  8. Very nice, clean build of a rare kit. I've always been a fan of the '62 Chrysler lineup, even if Virgil Exner wasn't. Here's the Johan 300 version, built long ago by the late Andy "Moose" Kallen and now part of my collection.
  9. Really impressive. Faces and eyes are the toughest part of figure painting, I usually just give up. Is that a vinyl or resin kit?
  10. I don't have the measurements, but here they are in the AMT Firestone ATX tires. You need to enlarge the tire I.D. a little bit to get them there, but they do fit nicely.
  11. Maisto 1:24 scale Explorer. These are plentiful and cheap.
  12. Thanks Mike and Bill. I haven't decanted any of them yet, but I will try a Ford Grabber Green that I need to do a Cougar body. We will see how it goes, there is always Scalefinishes if everything goes off course.
  13. When these cans leak that yellowish clear fluid out of the can seam, the full can gets a lot lighter. Has anyone tried to decant the remaining paint and airbrush it on? I suspect the fluid is an important component of the paint and therefore it won't work, but I have some nice factory colors that I hate to trash without trying.
  14. Bill, it looks like the tan resin is very similar to the white in that I can see the same chevron looking grain at the edges of the horizontal panels on both the Cutlass and the Fairmont. The only gripe I have on the Fairmont is that the emblems are too faint. I will try to foil cast them before I finish the body for paint. I noticed on the Buick Sport wagon that yellowsportwagon posted (what a nice car) that the emblems are loud and proud, so I imagine that it was in the file that way, or maybe that's what Robert meant when he said that some bodies don't print well in white resin. Either way, it's not a serious problem. A bit beyond my pay grade, I have to say. I'm really happy to finally have one. The next car I will buy is a '67 Marlin, I really like those and they are stupid rare in 1:1. I used to own a '78 NYB with the 440. I got it from an impound yard, the owner was going to turn it into a demo derby car. I talked him into using an '80 Impala instead, and took this one home. After repairing the power windows, door locks, seats, A/C, trunk lock, tune up, new tires, etc, I sold it on ebay to a guy in Cincinnati who could not believe his good fortune in finding a rust free AZ 440 NYB. He left me the most glowing feedback I've ever received. That was my good deed for the day. It was pretty nice too, but try as I did - for years - I could never buy one of those. Eventually poor quality knock-offs started to appear on ebay, and thus began the downward spiral.
  15. No way on polishing the glass to a reasonable level of clarity. Clear resin isn't very clear in large parts, but it reads well on smaller parts like lenses. I made the bucks and I make all the vacuform glass from PET-G for the Master Caster offerings, so vacuforming this is no problem for me. As the bucks are resin, they should last for many pulls. We'll see. As for the plans, mild street machine with an EFI 5.0, T-5, and nice wheels kind of like I am planning to build my 1:1 Futura. This car is 1:25 scale, and the MPC Fox chassis fits very well, so I'll lengthen it to Fairmont wheelbase and overhang and call it good. Because the dash and most of the interior is the same or similar to '79-'84 Mustang, it won't be much problem, with only the interior 1/4 panels having to be scratch built. I may offer resin copies of the interior tub to Robert, since he is looking for builders to do the interiors on his cars. The body is somewhat thick, but not as thick as others I've seen. Cutting the hood out will be a fun time. The pillars can be thinned with a motor tool and a drum sander, I may do that. The glass does install from the inside, fits very nicely, and the vacuform units I'll make will also install from the inside and should look fine.
  16. AKA Too Many Projects, he sells on Facebook a few times a year. Many of us have seen the exhausting array of mostly obscure American cars he offers in 3D printed resin, either in white resin for about $65, or tan resin for around twice that. I've been waiting for a Fairmont Futura for a long time, so I thought I'd pull the trigger on a white resin example to see just how good Mr. Burns' products are. In a word, very good. This was a bit of a leap of faith because I have never seen this particular body before, but judging by the others that can be seen on the interwebs, I knew it would be something that can be worked with. These cars don't come with interiors, chassis, or wheels, but you do get the body, bumpers, grille, mirrors where applicable, and all separate lights in clear resin. You also get clear-ish printed window bucks that can be smoothed and used to vacuform glass. Obviously these are for experienced builders, as scratch building will be necessary to complete the model. But you get a good head start on an offbeat car that you want, that no company will ever kit. To me, the most important thing by far is scale accuracy in terms of proportion and dimension. Since these are scans of real cars with lots of editing to make removable parts, the overall proportions are quite good. The grille is a very tight fit into the body, so a bit of filing will be necessary to allow for paint clearance. Everything should be fit first before painting just to be sure. All scripts and emblems are there, but are faint and will probably disappear after sanding and priming, so photoetch parts or decals would be nice to have. The lines in the white resin are very fine, so sanding and priming won't be an issue. The more expensive tan resin is supposed to be higher resolution, so I may give that a try on the next body I order. If you have been wondering if you should order something from Too Many Projects, the answer is yes. Be advised that he is a busy man, and this car took nine weeks to deliver after payment. But for most of us, working on something else while waiting is not a problem.
  17. Very nice, and quite a novel approach to the headlight reflector issue. Looks great.
  18. Very nice work. I've got a trashed Mach Won that I'll eventually get to for a stock build.
  19. Look good? Just tell me where to send it.
  20. Thanks Mike and Steve, I may have found one locally from a friend. If it isn't the right one, I'll be back to ask very nicely to have one sent over. -Mike
  21. Thanks Chris. I checked a later issue of the '69 Chevelle (blue car on box) and they weren't in there.
  22. They are plastic, though they do look like the Parks caps.
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