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  1. Fargo's were also sold here in Australia, I don't know what year they stopped. Found this on google (I'm not part of FB) https://m.facebook.com/Fargododgedesoto/
  2. I wish my paint jobs turned out half as good as yours, very nice.
  3. All very nice, wouldn't like to have the rear suspension collapse with that fuel tank on #21
  4. Thanks Michelle, I posted that pic just to show how "off" the side windows are. I agree, these cars look good in these colours. I'm not part of FB but thank you. There was someone doing a 4 door conversion awhile ago that incorporated the Aoshima kit, I missed out on that one. The Parts Box does an XB but they're 1/25. https://www.thepartsbox.com/product-category/tpb-resin-kits-and-bodies/xb/
  5. Very nice work on an iconic Aussie car. As Spex84 said, some body filler to remove the transition lines especially in the roof & boot (trunk) lid. As you can see by the pic the side windows need some help. The picture is of a GTHO Phase 4, one of 4 made. Were did you acquire this please. I can see a Mad Max Interceptor to go with my Pursuit Specials.
  6. Thankfully I bought mine many years ago when they were still cheap, the prices they are going for now is ridiculous.
  7. Cool custom, the Chrysler grill is a cool addition
  8. I sometimes use superglue & talcum powder for body filler, only problem I've found with it is, the longer it sits the harder it gets. I used to use superglue & baking soda, but it gives of vapours that strips kit chrome.
  9. This is being built with the the AMT kit. A very good friend of mine milled the grill surround & headlight housings (I still got some work to do on them) & the back of the bumper, he also machined the blind spot mirrors & fuel tank caps . The bumper & mirrors, I done by hand, got to make another bumper but Bear from the 1/32 BJ kit as a trade is worth it, scales out well. I machined the horns, fuel tanks, air cleaner parts & the twin tanks that go on the battery box. The grill is a CTM piece, the KW grill emblem was cut from a Double Take grill, not to happy with the foil & paint job I done so it will get redone when I finish sanding & polishing the grill surround. The rims are Micro Nitro with Ben Wicker hubs. 5 years building & counting.
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