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  1. There was a book by Noel C Hackney published by Patrick Stephens in the UK dedicated to building, detailing and rigging the Airfix kit of the Mayflower that should be good for the Revell one as well. There were two other books by the same author and publisher for the Airfix Victory and Cutty Sark kits.I They were published back in the 70's so a trawl of the web for second hand books on EBay etc may find one. I have all three excellent books. Patrick Stephens also published a number of very similar books dedicated to super detailing some of the 1/24th scale aircraft kits by Airfix at that time.
  2. Nice model of an unusual subject. The Schwinn brand name reminds me of the ads that appeared in American comics back in the 50's when I was at school. Those cruiser styled bikes looked so cool compared to our boring old British bikes at the time. Apart from putting cow horn shaped handlebars on them, there was nothing else we could do to make our boring bikes look cool! Of course all that changed in the 80's when the BMX bikes hit the market, and Raleigh, besides making BMX bikes brought out their Grifter bike and their Chopper bikes.
  3. Thanks for your replies Vince and Charles. I suspected that Jordan was long gone. I think that they had a nice range of vehicles, and from what .I can remember if the two kits sold on that they were very well moulded and detailed considering their physical size. Vince, your little truck kit. 1/160 th scale. Surprised at how well detailed it is as so much smaller than the Jordan kits.
  4. Tim, I am sure that you will make a really good replica from the Burago to models you have.
  5. Tim, you have made a lovely job of improving the Franklin Mint model. Incidentally, Pyro made a plastic kit in 1/32nd scale back in the 60's I think.I Burago made a die cast model of a Bugatti Coupe in 1/24th scale from the same era with a different body style.
  6. A really nice build! It shows what can be done with a Heller car kit! Those Heller car kits are a bit challenging. They do some really odd things on some of their kits. The Delage kit I built some years ago had a join right across the top of the rear wings. It really made it difficult to correct, fill and smooth it out to hide where the join was. I would imagine most of those Delage kits got built with that unsightly join line showing. It was really poor kit design by Heller, that was a pity considering the unusual car subjects they kitted.
  7. Nice diorama capturing the moment well. Vehicle and base very convincing, and the figures also well painted.
  8. In response to one of my past posts I got a quite nasty PM from someone making assumptions about me, my opinions, and my modelling ability. Worse still, was that person criticised someone else's modelling ability in the message to me. I replied politely to each point he made, and also referred him to contact the other person that he was criticising directly if he had anything to say about them. Did not hear any more. To be honest I could not be bothered to report it, as I did not want the guy to get a moderator on his back and get a warning over it. I unwittingly fell foul of a moderator some years ago and got a questionable warning. Been a bit more careful since, but the warning still sits there 'ad infinitum'. My only grouse I that if a warning is given, I feel that t should be deemed 'spent' after a set period of time and deleted.
  9. Thanks for coming back on that kit John. It's surprising how one can miss or forget seeing a kit from all those years ago. I followed your Bentley build with great interest some time back. Very informative detailing techniques shown.
  10. Not sure what to recommend book wise as there are so many horror movies out there already. The Psycho Slashers and Zombie movies are more of the same each time one comes out.......BORING! Stephen King is reckoned to be the master of the horror story, book wise. Might be worth looking up his titles and subject matter of each book. Christine the demonic car is one of his I believe. Maybe look up other horror story writers on the web? Of course, not to be forgotten, there are the two old classics Dracula by Bram Stoker, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley that may be worth a visit. I have two books each containing the works of H.G.Wells and Jules Verne. Not strictly horror but more turn of the century 1800's to 1900's science fiction that have a sprinkling of horror stories within them like The Invisible Man. Jeckyll and Hyde, and the Mysterious Island. Both album books are really good reads if you are into Victorian/Edwardian Sci fi.
  11. This discussion is getting to the point of nit picking and splitting hairs over descriptions. I would suggest remove the words ' Model Trucks' from both of the WIP headings. Replace with just 'Light Commercial Vehicles. Pickup Trucks and Vans' 'Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Big Rigs and Equipment. Changing those two headings alone may clarify things a bit. SUV's (sport utility vehicles) and MPV's (multi purpose vehicles) in reality are just another form of car to most of us, so I feel should really be in WIP Model Cars. Personally I would like to see Custom Vehicles in a separate slot as well as Motor Cycles, but unlikely as it would create new headings. But maybe the headings do need to be expanded a bit?
  12. Maybe a bit of lateral thinking here, but it might be worth either looking at the model railroad fraternity, or actual engineering or electronics suppliers for tiny nuts and bolts as opposed to being locked into looking at just model auto offerings.I A web search should find either.
  13. Nice to see very small scale models being built. Not seen one of these before. What make is this model kit? I remember having two tiny plastic kits made by Jordan of an Ahrens Fox Pumper and Mack Ladder Chief. Not heard of Jordan in a long while. Do they still make kits? They may have possibly been N Gauge but cannot remember as I parted with them many years ago.
  14. No doubt you will work your usual magic on this one John! Will be following this thread. That is one kit I have not seen over here in the UK. Is it a brand new kit from Revell?
  15. I believe in living dangerously. I disagree with my wife occassionally!
  16. I liked the Revell Ford Anglia 'Skippers Crittur' and the 'Simple Simon' Pie Van. Not the best kits but I just like them!
  17. I built the Milk Wagon a number of years ago and swapped the kit radiator shell to one from a Revell John Buttera kit. I still have the cab from the Outhouse in bits in a box somewhere and maybe one day I will find a donor chassis for it.
  18. Career politicians. Never had real job where their decisions could make it break a company. Interesting to read about some of our UK top politicians present and past. Either elites from private schools like Eton, then Oxbridge, or past diehards that were constantly taking part in protests. Local government. More of same. Just hike up taxes to pay for their inefficiency. My wife went to work at a local council office. Could not bear working with the amount of dead wood that our local taxes were paying for, and large committees taking forever to make any decision. Said that it most of them went to work in the private sector they would get a salutary shock by actually having to do a proper day's work! Electric Vehicles. Cart before the horse as far as the current infrastructure goes. Let's see!
  19. The wiring and hoses look to be a real challenge, even if you have reasonably good photo references. With this sort of subject getting a good look around the real thing would be a massive bonus to take photos of all those elusive details, but appreciate the difficulty involved. An interesting build to follow.
  20. Another thought. Look on the web for metallic paints that have been developed by specialist manufacturers for fantasy figures. I have seen sets of Metallics for them but cannot remember any of the makes.
  21. The Mr Hobby Metallics are very good either sprayed or brushed, but they really are pungent, so good ventilation is a must. Humbrol from over here in the UK did some tinlets of metallic paints that could be buffed when dry. Never used Metal Master paints, but guess that maybe they were similar to the Humbrol ones? AK and Alclad as mentioned already are airbrush ready paints. There is a UK company making their own buffing compound named C1 Polishing Powder that is really good. It looks like but is not powdered graphite. Polishes up well and resistant to handling. My Napier Railton scratch build that is in the thread ' Can we see some scratch built thing's was done with it, so you can get some idea of how it will come up. A tub of C1 will.last for ages too! Incidentally C1 make some really nice resin transkits, so their website is well worth a look at!
  22. Looked back at the first posts on this thread but could not find what the donor kit was.I I ask this as I am looking for a Model A lot with the upright closed cab. The intention being to make a small commercial oil tanker truck based on a restored one here in England.
  23. Suspension sub assembly looking good, and really doing justice to this kit. A great model in the making here Chris. Your engine detailing looks very realistic. Looking forward to seeing this build progress. The suspension assembly looked a bit dark in your pictures. I think the floral background distracted a bit. Perhaps a plain background might have been better. Just a suggestion.
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