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  1. This is a new video recently put out by a table top gaming channel showing a modern injection molding operation. There are some points made about how the mold is designed and balanced that are pretty interesting.
  2. Yep, this is a reboxing of the Monogram kit. The only difference between this boxing and the Hertz car is the color of the decals. This is just the standard GT350.
  3. Does anyone cast the heads for the Dan Gurney Eagle V8?
  4. Maple Leaf Modelworks has these on Shapeways.
  5. I like both of those but the nose of the Monte Carlo needs a bit of work. I would move the turn signals down about six inches and add some kind of crease to be a fuax bumper. The way it is is a bit too much big flat space for me.
  6. Sorry, I meant off ebay. I'm eyeballing the Monogram Vette kits those came from.
  7. I might just but the whole kit these come in, let me get back to you in a few days.
  8. Yep, happens to me almost every time. I typically hit it with a type of clear less susceptible to blushing.
  9. In cases where a defect is this widespread they might also be trying to charge these kits back to the manufacturer. If that's the case they can't both get their money back from the injection molding contractor and sell the kits, even at a discount. It's a tax thing where charged back items have to be destroyed, selling them or even giving them away can get you into trouble.
  10. No, that's good enough, what are you looking for for them?
  11. I used to build 3d models back in the day but the programs got so complicated I couldn't keep up. I build this mostly from scratch and placing individual vertices in the space, no fancy extruding back then. I really need to get back to it I guess.
  12. Either at Morgan Automotive Detail or pm him here.
  13. He did, but i still might be interested in that first set you posted.
  14. This one has me truly jealous, the 68 KR is my favorite Mustang and it hurts my heart the only kit available is the old AMT version. It's inspiring to see what you're able to do in such a short time.
  15. Different areas do it a few weeks apart but it usually happens right around now and again around March. Typically the only way you know your local store is getting ready for their reset is models with orange stickers on the shelf. They used to move them to the clearance section but now they leave them on the model aisle. If you don't see any orange stickers but a do see a bunch of empty spots you probably missed it but your store will have new stuff in a couple weeks.
  16. You might want to talk to Charles at Texas 3d Customs, he seems to be taking on new work for his site. I would like one of these in 1/24 for the Fujimi kit.
  17. I believe Kris Morgan used to cast an early Pinto wagon, he might be able to do just the grille for you.
  18. Ideally you could get replacements but I've never tried from Tamiya before. Someone is selling that parts tree on ebay right now but it'll be $70 to get it. Unfortunately that looks like a defect that won't polish out.
  19. Thank you, if you have a stock Vette nose I'd be interested in that too.
  20. Pretty sure it's the same snap version that was out a few years ago in red. Still, it's pretty nice and you'd need to study it pretty hard to notice the snappyness. I bought a cheap Firebird of similar vintage to rob a few parts from but didn't really need to.
  21. I stopped at a store in Wilmington NC Tuesday and picked up another Dom's 71 GTX, GMC plow truck, 76 Chevy step side, and a 50th anniversary Camaro. I was hoping for a blue Revell 65 pickup but didn't see any.
  22. This one isn't lifted, I'm just seeing if anyone has some before trying to score a partial Corvette on ebay.
  23. Looking for some 1/20 MPC Goodyear tires. Ideally looking for a big and little set from one of the custom vans or Corvettes. I have one front tire if you've got a partial set that might work too.
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