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  1. Setting solution can damage some aftermarket decals depending on how they were printed. Stuff from an Alps printer is usually okay but things printed on a normal printer and covered in clear to seal it can come apart. The white areas on the blue shield decals are where chunks of the color came off when I put setting solution on them.
  2. I really like that, it looks very unsuspecting on a first glance.
  3. It could be a filter or water separator for the air system. The air compressor is on the fan belt just behind where it mounts.
  4. If you're using stuff like Duplicolor that dries really fast you can work pretty quick. I've gone from a bare body to a painted and cleared one in a day. I do two coats of Duplicolor white primer pretty close together and give them an hour to dry. Then I wet sand the primer with 1000 grit and set it aside to dry for another hour. Then it's two or three thin color coats, one about every 30 minutes. Then I let those dry for two or three hours then hit them with clear, either Mr Super Clear or Rustoleum Laquer. Finally I'll set that aside to cure for a week or so.
  5. There isn't a direct stock replacement for that front suspension. You can use the front end from a Monogram GM NASCAR kit, it has fairly stock looking A arms and it would be easy to adjust the track width for the truck body. For a single piece suspension you can use the one from the Monogram 70 Chevelle or 64 GTO, or even the 70 Buick GSX. GM A arms pretty much look the same so the easiest set to get your hands on should work, especially on a modified vehicle.
  6. Building semi trucks and armor really changed my build order. I used to paint almost all of the parts on the trees and then assemble them, now I'm much more likely to build large sub-assemblies and spray paint them then go back and pick out details.
  7. Yeah, the advantage of the unmarked is it could be unmarked anything, especially with a DC or Virginia plate.
  8. The AMT 70 Chevelle is 1/25 so it's engine is going to look a bit small in the Monogram truck. I doubt anything from the Monogram Heavy Chevy Chevelle kit will fit the AMT engine but if you have the entire Heavy Chevy engine that's what I would use. There isn't a lot of 1/24 American engines on the aftermarket since most US kits are 1/25. If you want an LS the 2000/2001 Revell/Monogram Camaro has a good one and that kit is fairly cheap.
  9. I used the engine from a Monogram NASCAR kit for a small block in my build of that kit. For big blocks, the Monogram 70 454 Chevelle has the most stock looking one. The Monogram 66 Malibu street machine and 39 Chevy both have modified versions of a 427 with an aftermarket clutch housing and either a tunnel ram intake or supercharger.
  10. I think the rear tires might be from an early (pre 2005 or so) AMT 70 Superbee pre street. I remember my first one in the late 90s had lettered tires.
  11. This is the performance version 4.6 with the 4 valve heads. This one isn't supercharged, it just has very long intake runners.
  12. I found something I can work with from White Zombie. Gripping the wheel his knuckles went white with desire The wheels of his Mustang Exploding on the highway like a slug from a 45 True death 400 horsepower of maximum performance Piercing the night This is Black Sunshine
  13. Painting is a lot more than a list of facts. It's knowing in the moment if you're too close or too far away based on how the paint looks and how to adjust that. It's knowing when another pass or two on a side or area will cause a run and how not to get yourself in that situation in the first place. Basically, all the "head knowledge" in the world will only get you so far. There is another layer of muscle memory and experience that can only be gained by doing the thing, often unsuccessfully in the beginning. Fortunately, Testor's paint is easy to strip. Invest in a mop bucket and a gallon of Catrol Super Clean.
  14. Even better, it's a shame there isn't a full detail kit of a Pantera.
  15. It's not too bad, there's Mustang, Camaro, and Corvette kits for that year or at least the same body style as an '03. In European cars you've got the 360 Modena, 575 Maranello, Murcielago, and Gallardo. The R-34 Skyline was still available as well.
  16. It's based on a real car, the builder used modern Mustang wheel openings like fender flares and moved the front wheels like a foot forward. It also have Corvette suspension front and rear. Here's a pic of the real car.
  17. Those wheels were never made much bigger than that. The biggest I can think of are in the black Monogram 66 Malibu street machine and those may be getting reissued depending on which version of the kit comes back next year. Another option is the 3 n 1 Monogram 70 Chevelle. The ones in the Revell 69 Shelby Mustang hardtop street machine are also pretty close.
  18. I've got something for wagons, pickups/utes, and birth year with a quick look at the stash.
  19. I've got a personal theme going of always building a Mustang for the Cannonball build so if birth year gets chosen I'll build another early Fox body. I've got a build planned out that I was going to do anyway so I've already got all the parts ready to go, I just hadn't wanted to repeat a body style yet. Here's all my Cannonball Mustangs.
  20. I'm 1981 so I've got the same issue. I thought it would be a good way to get a variety of entries though.
  21. I think that would be allowed, I'm sure there are some people who might have to go further to find something.
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