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Blasts from '60s Past - Nordberg's models (3/7/16: Photo links fixed)

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Just a brief setup first - Bob Nordberg was a co-winner of the 1964 Revell-Pactra contest with the legendary Augie Hiscano - both are seen in photos at the bottom of the page of this November 1964 Model Car Science magazine's pg 27. A close-up of Nordberg's truck is seen on pg 23.



Hiscano's model is currently on display in the International Model Car Museum, complete with its original contest-awarded base. Nordberg's truck, having seemingly been lost to history, was on the Museum's Hot 150 list of models to be cloned, at the #38 spot. Long story really short, I had given serious thought to cloning the model myself because of my prior interest in it, but Pete Strause (builder of this GSL25-winning Sterling truck) beat me to the opportunity, so I was asked by Mark Gustavson, administrator of the Museum, to research the murky history of other Hot 150 models and to provide Pete with any research material I could dredge up on the Nordberg truck. I came up with nothing but blanks on the other models, but a lucky search result for Nordberg's name turned up a 2013 obituary for him, which led to contact info for his two surviving children, which in turn led to me being able to correspond with his son who still had his father's models in his possession. A friend of his was tapped to take all the photos below, and Norberg's son emailed those to me.

Models, plural. I only knew of the truck, but there are several others, tow of which I subsequently found in vintage model car magazine scans. The good news is regarding all of these, Mark has talked with Nordberg's son, and they will be on their way to the Museum.

First, the truck. A little roughed up and in need of some repair and restoration, but still in its 1964 contest-issued bubble display with the plaque.


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Hang On Sloopy Corvette

My access to vintage model car magazines so far is only online scans. Has anybody seen this one in old magazines?

As can be seen in the background, there are more of Nordberg's models. I'll post those a bit later one. Meanwhile, does anyone have old model car magazines having his models pictured in those not seen here?

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that was a great blast from the past. while I was then looking around on ebay for old car model magazines, I came upon one that featured my friend Chuck Dunn's father, Carl Dunn, on the cover along side auggie (sic) hiscano:


I remember being especially impressed with the multiple (oversize) wheels and tires from the sizzler dragster.


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A few more of the photos emailed to me - don't know what was discussed between Mark Gustavson and Nordberg's son on what is going to the Museum, but I think Mark will activate his long-dormant account here to chime in with more details. My impression is that there is more stuff than just what Nordberg's son emailed to me. Meanwhile….

Tiger Engineering Anglia



Old Blu Willys drag pickup

Early- mid-'50s Custom Ford F100

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That Anglia body looks like it is scratchbuilt as opposed to being taken from the Revell kit. The windshield/cowl/side window frames look like he started with a Fiat body. I can't figure out the origin of the other body panels though...

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The Willys pickup is built from a VERY early production Ohio George coupe kit; it still has the plastic slicks and front tires, which were taken out of the kit and replaced with vinyl very early on...

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