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AMT 1956 Ford Victoria beater


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On a lark, I wanted to whip out a model for the Box Plus category at GSL.  I knew brand new shiny was going to win, but so what, I finished it in 28 hours.
Building an old kit brings appreciation for what we have now.   The total lack of location points was funny, the instructions have no reference for colors and part # with left/right was not clear.
My techique for the patina: sprayed a dark brown first coat, second lighter brown has real rust thrown onto it when still wet, and then rubbed off the excess.  The color coats were sprayed next, I figured out the colors using online color chips, by mixing test samples on paper, then mixed in the airbrush cup.  I wet-sanded to expose the layers, some touch up was needed.  Sure beats trying to get a perfect paint job!  Because the rules allowed opening grills, doing this was doomed for disaster, perfect in this case.  The trim is Alcad chrome.  Final step was spraying Dullcoat with a drop of Africa Korps for dust.







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Very impressive job on weathering!

Although it might be too late, are you going to make the interior a little more dirty? IMHO, it looks too clean, especially the door jambs...but, then again, that's just me.

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Beauty! I really like the dry and in-scale appearance of the patina, and the variations introduced by scattering the real rust on the body. Catchy colors too!

There's a yard near me full of dozens of  1:1 '50s Meteors that look like this...actually, quite a bit rougher. Decades of Canadian winters haven't been kind to them.

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