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A Modeler does a TED Talk on making miniatures

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Hello All,

I grew up building models, cars, ships, planes and trains. It was the 60’s and that is what kids did. This turned into my life’s work and for 40 years I have made miniature copies of things. I was asked to do a TEDx Talk in front of thousands of people and here is the link.

Please share this, the more people that view it the better for me and all us that spend countless hours at our benches creating things so few people understand. I hope I have not offended anyone since I’m not a regular participant on forums.

Thank You.

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Very impressive work.  Two things you discuss jump out at me:

  • As you mentioned model making is great stress reliever.  After a stressful day at work nothing I enjoy more than sitting at my bench and making something.  
  • You need to understand the object you are trying to replicate.  I very much enjoy researching and studying my projects in order to understand them.
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WOW. I will quote that classic movie - We are not worthy.  Wayne's World.  I'm sure there are a few car model builders that have made a carreer out of their creations.  The rest of us build to please ourselves and show our work at shows or on this website.  This and the work of many others validates what we do and that toys can be works of art.

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Thank you, now the world may understand  model builders better. The challenge and expanding of of our minds to do it better and find a way to engineer the mechanicals. use the brain for math, and create art in something  fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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