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1972 Buick Riviera - Boat-tail


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My last finished build of 2017 I think... My tribute to Modelhaus, of their 1972 Buick Riviera Boat-tail. This is the last model I ordered from Modelhaus in May 2016 and received it November 2017. I will miss them like all of you will I'm sure. Another excellent cast, very detailed body, interior and parts. 

I chose a custom metallic brown paint, actually slightly two-tone below the chrome body accent strip. Lot's of hand-polished clear coats, this is mirror smooth and shiny

Interior is Coffee Bean mixed with Mocha craft paints. Drilled out the headlights replaced with resin lenses 

I choose Pegasus wheels, as for me they fit well and fill the huge wheel-wells.  

Had a lot of fun with this one, thanks Modelhaus for all you have given us in the hobby












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Really nice build, and what an excellent paint job. Although those wheels might appear to be a bit on the large side as others have pointed out, I think the size of this particular car seems to accomodate them without looking awkward. I never did order anything from Modelhaus, but that is only because I started building scale model cars only one year ago, after 50 years away from the hobby, and only tried resin body work around nine months ago. I do appreciate how difficult it is to achieve a high standard of resin casting from carefully produced moulds.


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Super job on the Riv, Jim.  I am not a fan of the big rims on older cars but here it works for me.  Nice choice of colors, too.  I have one of these in the stash to build and while the roof is not quite right it still builds up into a nice looking model.

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That is a beautiful build. You can see the effort you put into the paint finish. I'm glad you mentioned the two tone treatment as I thought it was just the lighting. The wheels make it look like the current trend in Street Customs. With a slightly smaller diameter wheel with a little more tire side wall and it would look just like something from a few years ago. The advantage is that you could just change them back and forth as you see fit. Which ever this is a great looking build to be very proud of.  

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Thanks for all the comments, loud and clear the big wheels are not favored here in this forum. Funny I can post this on most any FB group and not one negative comment about the wheels, this is more a stock build group for sure. 

I don't build stock, many here are excellent craftsmen with stock builds, I admire all of them I see and sometimes wonder how cool the build would look with custom wheels, I just don't post that as a comment on your posts. 

Happy building in the New Year!

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