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Period Correct 1940 Ford Gasser


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So, I got this Lindberg kit with the Dodge L700 truck kit. It was really bad and needed a lot of work to make it look good. So, I decided to make a gasser out of it. Then I got into looking at what a Gasser really was, and it got me to read the rules and do a ton of research. So, in the end what I decided to do was to build a 40 Ford Gasser as close as possible to the NHRA rules for 1962. I poured over the rules and asked a lot of questions here in the drag forum. Every part of this build is done with a purpose.

The engine is a Chevy 348 with 3 Duces.

Rear axle is a Speedway Resins Ford 9in(came out in 1957)

Wheels are stock steelies with Pie Crust slicks (thanks to generous forum members)

Rear bumper is brass tube to replicate the push bars of the era and to stash weight to make the B/G class.

Very large truck battery in the trunk to help push a light car into the B/G class and get weight over the rear tires.

Fender headers were first allowed in NHRA Gas in 1962, so fender headers

Custom made bucket seat to replicate MG/Triumph style seats of the era

Custom made Aircraft seat belts.

Custom dash, trunk opened and hinged, fenders in the trunk moved to correct location

Converted to solid axle with leaf springs front, and leaf springs rear.

Plumbed, wired, and fender welted.

There were several things that I did along the way that I found out sere not correct for a Gasser in 1962, the member helped in that and I went back and fixed them.

So, thank you to all that helped me get this correct. Hope you all like it.














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13 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Perfect representation of how that class of car would have looked. The low-sun-angle daylight photography adds realism too. Very nice work. :D

Ditto for me. It even resembles a period kit build as well. Love it.

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Nicely done, and from a Lindberg too! I like the color and decal choice and period-correct detailing. My only critique would be that the headers look dangerously close to the ground if the car bounces at all :D Looks tough as nails though!

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If I get the energy, I may trim a little off the headers. They are a little close, I guess the owner could just add bump stops so they don't hit.

Thanks for all the great comments. I had a lot of fun making it and doing the research for the right details.  I spent an hour just looking up the companies on the decals to make sure they were in business before 1962. Had to make sure I didn't get a sticker from 1965 on there. 

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