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1937 Cord 812 - The Classic Monogram Kit After Some Improvements

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I gave up on both of these long ago and recently bought diecast "mint" cars.   But, they don't begin to compare with the fabulous work shown here.  WoW!

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On 4/15/2019 at 8:29 PM, Plastheniker said:

Hi, Plastheniker, owning a Pyro Auburn, aside for some 50 years for being SO bad, after seeing your UNBELIEVABLE MASTERPIECE, YES, MASTERPIECE, well... after learning about your 900 hours labor to achieve it, I "runned" right away to the Internet and bought myself a Franklin Mint one. it's that with some hours of a proper "make up" I may have a decent model, saving my time to the long list to build...

But now I am running around my 50 years old (semi built and, after some broken marriages, also broken) Monogram Cord as I finally found a 4-door "new dress" for refurbishing it but, seeing your Auburn made tires, did you also make tires for your gorgeous Cord, or did you use the kit ones? Do you know where to find new tires with a better thread? All this Monogram Series of that period model cars have poor tires...

thank you so much for letting us see, and enjoy, your fantastic work...

after finishing my topic


1935 Auburn Speedster - The Abysmal Lindberg/Pyro Kit Completely Reworked




it was clear that my Auburn Speedster and a future model of the equally iconic Cord 812 would have to stand side by side (as close relatives so to speak) in my display cabinet.


Considering that the Monogram kit of the Cord 812 is more than 50 years old its quality is really outstanding.


Nevertheless when building the kit some improvements are necessary IMO:

  • The characteristic chrome trim on the bonnet is omitted and should be added if at all possible

  • The fit of the headlight covers should be reworked

  • The kit tires have no reasonable tread

  • Following the assembly instructions leaves a salient gap between body and rear valance (part #52) because the rear bumper support and the chassis are moulded as one single part. Cutting off the rear bumper support from the chassis, closing the gap and fixing the rear bumper support later as a separate part is a better solution.

  • The moulded wipers don't look convincing

  • IMO the surfaces of the flexible exhaust heat protection tubes look too smooth

  • Many Cords show a pair of typically shaped fog lamps not replicated in the kit

  • The chrome trim on the soft top should be added

  • Regarding the interior at least the moulded door handles/windowcranks and the clumsy horn ring should be replaced

  • On the real car the lowered side windows still show the upper edge of their chromed window frames but the model's door tops don't even have slots for side windows

  • The real car has chromed wheel covers with (fake ventilation?) holes. On the model these holes are shallow and rather vague, so drilling them out looks much better than accentuating them with black paint


This said in marked contrast to the abysmal Lindberg/Pyro Cord this inexpensive kit is still highly recommendable and deserves to be reissued again and again.







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This has to be the very best model of a Cord 812 Phaeton extant. I agree with all the others that it is a great kit but you have gone so far beyond the kit it is amazing.  I would love to see what you could do with a Monogram Duesenberg. 

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Great job! Love the color and all the little details add up to make this an outstanding model !

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