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Time to share what I'm working on currently: a 1/25 replica of Becks Kustoms F132 from the computer game Need4Speed Payback, which is a kithbash of a '32 Ford 3window coupe and a Formula1 race car.


Here's the boxart of the 2 kits i have chosen for my build:


I plan to paint it like this one:

Therefore i'll call her RB32.


And this is how far i'm at the moment:


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21 minutes ago, Jantrix said:

I like it! Very cool work!. A curbside or will you be shoehorning an engine in there somewhere?


Thank you, Rob.
Curbside, no engine in this revell McLaren. But i opened and hinged the doors to offer a sight on the interior, where you can spot a rollcage and a pair of very cool scratch built Kirkey lightweight racing seats. 20190530_191732.jpg.a9a82b424ce24c8c4b1419f7c297723a.jpg

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Shame you couldn't do a "full" version instead of just curbside. . . Would be wicked cool to have a front-engined front wheel drive car AND a mid engine rear drive car, all in the same (I guess technically, it'd be an AWD??)



That aside, this is certainly a unique build and looking pretty good so far.

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5 hours ago, da Speedinger said:

Update: I have almost finished the building of the car, so it was time to determine the painting scheme in order to know where to mask off.



I'm down with that paint scheme!

The selection for your actual paint color will be critical. But I'm sure you already know that.

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Really cool project. I love the idea. However, I think the rear of the car needs to be longer and lower, in order to stay in the spirit of F1. Right now the rear looks “bunched up”. Part of the issue is that it is trying to stay true to the Deuce proportions, but it impossible, because it wasn’t a rear engined car. That rear wing needs space and air flow to do anything. Just my two cents. And I am just expressing my personal opinion, trying to offer constructive criticism. Not putting down the craftsmanship or the effort invested. 

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