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Tamiya Toyota Supra custom Wide boddy

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The Storry:

I am a new forum member that have been building model cars for a loong time and then i stoped for manny years. And now i have started again ant want to finish some of my started projects. This is one of them. 
I started this one in 2005, it stated out as a standard Supra shown bellow. But with styreen and putty i have made my own body modifications. Wide body with side skirts and a new front end. I wanted a cage but are not any good with frame work so i bought a race supra so i could transplant the chassis to get a cleaned out interior and the cage.


The chassis is made out of the stock supra front for the engine bay and the race chassis for the interior but cut so i get a normal floor where the race chassis have a bouldge for the exahust. I also used the race suspension all around. The height was off in comparisson with what i wanted, i managed to break it. I can drill and rebuild it but thinking of using the stock parts in stead. The front will be easier to build stock since all the mounting holes are there.

The Vision:

 The vision for this build is a street Supra made to work good att the track, for track events. Thats why the stock suspension parts suits me well. The inspiration for this build can be seen bellow. I saw this in a mag back in the days and fell in love with the simple lines and paint. Remember this was the time of The fast and furios with neon paint and insane grapics. 

This is supose to be a Porsche 911, Corvette and BMW M3 competitor with a euro touch more than extreme flavor. Some thing i would like to have on my drive way.




For the boddy:

The body is rougly done, some finishing of course. The hood will have to be edited due to the vents prevents plumbing and are interfering with the cross member. A fresh hood would be nice but i have none, so i have removed the ducts and try to patch it upp for the new cutout which will be centered for letting the air passing through the radiator to vent out.

I have not decided for wheels yet. I belive the front ones are to small in the weel well but they look good in the back.
An option i have been thinking on is to make the wheel well more narrow in the bottom to make it look better. Some input would be nice.

I also belive my skirts to be quite extreme in comparisson to my inspiration so i might make them a bit smaller/less flare.





Wide boddy lines.

Back then i built the Engine for singel turbo but did not have a turbo to fit to it. Last week i did order Hobby design turbos which have great quality. I will make the kit with two of them in honor to the original twin turbo layout. I also made a new intake back then. Still need a TB, fuel rail and plumbing.

Where i left off.



This is what i have done so fare with my changes, I made new exhaust manifolds and test fitted the turbos. Also fiddling with the frame. Since the turbos have impellers i will not put on air cleaners. This leevs a huge space in  front of the weel on the LH side. that have to be made as the original frame pice.




So i bought one of the racing supras only to rob a cage and a naked interior for the car. But i Ended up cutting the original chassis behind the firewall and transplant the two into one so i could get some bennefits. But due to this the suspension got to be a hack jobb. And the racing stuf i managed to break any how. 
So now i have decided to use the stock suspension parts, wich makes front assembly much easier since the mounting holes are there.

I need to make height adjustments from stock but dont know how much yet.  But thats for when i have dicided on wheels.

As it satt when i opened the box after all these years:

Started with the work of putting back stock suspension. Supports for the original suspension mounting points in the back are needed.



Thanks for watching and i hope you enjoy this build as i do!

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Better explinations.
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Wow! I like the work you've been doing to this one. It's going to look good when you get it all together. I'm not familiar with this particular kit. Did you make the wide body parts? 


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The wide body is really impressive. You say you did it all with styrene and putty? I am in awe as it looks pretty bang on IMO. 

I love the wheels as they are but my level of love for things like this is a lot higher than my levels of dislike so I tend to like almost everything but these wheels give me the feeling of enough aggression that they can be used, as you say, on the track or on the street. 

Impressed with  your direction. I will be following this one for certain. 

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Thanks! Yes I made it with styrene and eye measure mostly. If it looks right is usually is right :)

I appreciate the inputs! The wheels are from the Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 kit, great kit by the way. But I wanted the wheels for this build. I might try to go for a larger rubber and se if it fits better in the wheel well. 

thanks Anton 

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Awesome work so far! The bodykit is dramatic and suits the car's lines well.

I'm curious about the wheels and tires too...I have a Revell Supra kit on the shelf and if I build it, I'd like it to be similar to what you're building here!

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The wheels and tires you have look fine but, for my money, I like the ones on the 1:1 you pictured better.

To solve all of your problems, I think you should just box it all up and trade it off to me.



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On 1/4/2020 at 8:51 PM, Mattilacken said:

Can i Get some pointers on the wheels. Are they to small do i need to go for "19? or should i try to alter the arch?

If your lowering it more you might find the wheels look a little bigger or at least fill the arches the way you want. Your inspiration pic looks to be on 20" wheels too.

I can see some hints of the top secret (japan) supra in your build which was one of my fav cars from the max power era (especially after they shipped it to the uk and did 200 on the a1, but 1000 horsepower will do that, lol

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Can see you have put a lot of effort into trying to achieve your vision. As others have said very impressive.

Like this pic below setting the scene of a wip with all the tools around the engine. Cool

On 1/2/2020 at 9:50 PM, Mattilacken said:






On 1/5/2020 at 7:21 AM, Mattilacken said:

Can i Get some pointers on the wheels. Are they to small do i need to go for "19? or should i try to alter the arch?

Wheels suit it very wheel, but maybe look at a lower profile tyres. 

Also another option would be to have a look around on the interweb for some Aoshima wheels. The SSR Professor Sp-1 19 inch would be very close to the 1:1 wheels. But they come with cambered tyres, so you would have to get another set with standard low profiles and swap over maybe.

Any way just some suggestions, in the end go with what you like and what makes you happy Anton.




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Thanks for all the comments! I really enjoy the feedback! I like to get pointers and suggestions as well! Thanks All rally fun to be on this forum!

So i have been working with the body to figure out if i should use the wheels or not. And i have measured the boddy and it differs in the front wheel arches. And after mocking the suspension i got very confused. The gap to the Arc was not what expected after i measured the boddy. It seems like i glued the chassis wrong so the height differs.. Need to make new measurements on the chassis alone to determine the fault in the gluing process. Nothing that cant ve fixed.

I tried with an other tire and it suits it better as you guys sugested. I have also been looking on other wheels so we will se if i find the ones i like.

Right hand side as before with other tire. The back of this fornt arch have to be extended 1mm forward.


Left hand side same suspension setup. The wheel seems to be off center in the front arc.


RH sideFoto%202020-01-05%2022%2058%2017.jpg?raw

LH side


I wanted to take one from the front to se if i have to cover upp the tires more. And i belive i have to since they are so vissible. And some Canards might be nice..





The bigg ass! Love this view. I have made the stock wing with more agressive and also the rear decklid have a ducktail shape to it.




Some putty and styreene work left as you can see.



Thanks again for all the input! Apriciate it allot!




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Thanks guys! I am more in to American muscle cars in real life but really enjoy any beautiful car with the right proportions.

Did some some progress, I filled the holes in the bonnet. And I realized that epoxy putty needs to be newer than 15 years to work good. Gladly the standard type worked like a charm! Also mocked with a set of 19”s that I hade laying around and I will order a n other set of 19 since they fit much better in the arc.




Thanks //Anton 

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I have been thinking of wheels on this ride.

I have two options. "19 Advan Racing GT With extra wide lip in rear from an other wheel




Or the "19 Work Gnosis also with extra deep lip in back. 



Please help me decide. Note that i have no good experience with puting chrome to the wheels so that might have a bad look on the Gnosis. I have never used Alclad and dont have it eiter. 

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Both of your wheel choices look good to me though I prefer the top set. I reccomend you get the molotowe chrome pensso  you wont have to worry about the chrome process either, really easy to use and great finish if you use it over a smooth surface. There are threads on here about them with more information. All I would say about the molotowe is to use it as late as possible as it doesn't like being handled and it doesn't touch up well until its had a few days to completely dry.

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  • 1 month later...

I have been working some on the body work over the last month. allot of cleaning upp for my standard.

Got an order in on som wheels, they are "19 SSR Professor MS3. I think they will do the part when they get a gray center. fills the boddy well in my opinion but I need to thin down the rear lip, i think its to wide.

Front tires are from one of the aoshima wheel sets and rears are from Tamiya GT2 kit.

I have also started sketching on the new hood design.









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