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1/24 Aoshima MGB 'Scrapper'


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Just finished this one to go with the VW Beetle Rustbug in a scrap yard diorama eventually.  Excellent little kit with great detail. Painted using AK Interactive 3rd gen Acrylics, AK Heavy chipping fluid and AK Crusted Rust Enamels to finish.








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Absolutely disgusting.

Very realistic. I bet I'd be foolish enough to try to restore it. I did one similar but didn't have the fender rot. on the arches. The rust at the door is 100% accurate.  On a side note, my  '65 hood was aluminum so it wouldn't rust. Not sure about other years. 

This is a great kit to start with. Yours is a great build. 

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My boss at one time had one of those that looked almost exactly like that when he got it, only it was left hand drive.  Man, he worked night and day and got it looking really nice, new paint interior and electrical system then he sold it and bought a mid 70's Bill Blass T-bird, go figure. Nice job on that rust bucket, looks like if you hit it real hard with a hammer it would fall apart.

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Back when I drove an MGB and would comb wrecking yards for parts, I saw many that looked like this. The MGB was a great and fun little car, but like every vehicle, the MGB had an Achilles Heel- the rocker panels (which were an important structural component) were often a victim of rust, and rusty rockers would see an MGB try to fold in the middle once that rust got to a certain point.

I like your build, and it brought back some memories for me ?

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