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1:32 scale '64 Comet Cyclone

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Put the finishing touches on this car yesterday, before the Moonlight club meeting. The Aurora kit is just terrible, approaching if not equaling Palmer levels of terrible. I had one of these years ago mint unbuilt in the box and my intention was to try to correct it, as it's the only Cyclone kit of this vintage ever made. But the kit's value and my level of patience at the time were not lining up, so I sold it and waited for a glue bomb to bubble to the surface. When it did a year ago, I scooped it up and took stock of what I had to start with.


Which was even scarier looking than the unbuilt version. Just wrong everywhere, it's obvious why Monogram never reissued it when they bought Aurora's 1:32 series in the '70s and did the rest. The kit is buildable as a drag car only with no stock parts. I decided to correct a few things, which became a few more, which led to way more than originally intended. The idea was not to make it perfect, but rather presentable. The build thread is over in the build thread department. After correcting the body, interior, bumper location, and converting the drag hood to a twin scoop Cyclone hood, I pieced an engine together with under scale parts from various 1:25 kits and used a lengthened chassis from an Aurora/Monogram '65 Mustang. Wheels are early '60s Revell Mopar turned down in a lathe, and the finishing touches include photo etched rings on the taillight lenses, windshield wipers from Evergreen strip, and a set of side mirrors from the Harry Pristovnik memorial side mirror collection. Paint is Polar white with medium red interior, chrome trim is BMF with Molotow used on the emblems. It actually didn't fight me very hard, I think it wanted to amount to something less embarrassing than it was.







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With it cleaned up and painted, the disproportions become very evident.

You did a wonderful job making it as presentable as it could be made. Great work!

David G.

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Thanks again to everyone for the positive feedback. I like to do these 1:32 scale cars as a break between 1:25 builds, just sort of relaxing and low pressure. I think the next one will be the Lindberg '77 Thunderbird. The front overhang on that one is too short, so more slicing is in order there.


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