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Nostalgia Eliminator '33 Willys Panel Van


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Hi All. I've spent a fair amount of time lurking around this forum admiring all of the great models and getting some fantastic tips and ideas and now I'm finally getting around to posting pics of my completed models to, maybe, inspire someone else. The enjoyment of modeling, for me, is 'kit bashing', taking whatever parts, kits or previously completed models that I have laying around, to make something new and different. My latest effort could best be described as a Competition Coupe dragster but since NHRA doesn't have that class anymore this model would now run in something like the Good-Guys Nostalgia Eliminator class.

I built this racecar by combining AMT's Willys Van with AMT's Tommy Ivo rear-engine fueler. I piecut chopped the body and layed the windshield back.  I raised and moved forward the fenders. I also layed the grill back and then merged the Ivo rail body in between. Then I had to swap the roll cage and the engine location (remember, I'm trying to use what's available). After completing bodywork I made my own inkjet decals and tried doing an airbrush paintjob. All of my previous models were painted with spray cans. I definitely need more practice to get proficient with an airbrush and learning how to use the various kinds of paints. I'm looking forward to seeing other heavily modified/customized models by others.







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That's pretty Wild, Grant! Very cool body mods, especially incorporating the front grill. Plus the shadow paint on the panel sides. Congrats on a very imaginative and well built rail.

Cheers Misha 

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echo, thanks for the compliment but I'm no Tom Daniel in the artistic department but I'll settle for maybe being a little imaginative (and not necessarily true to life) in my builds. :) The creativity and being able to build whatever you can think up is why I like modeling (and I don't have the time and patience to build my ideas in 1:1).

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18 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi Grant!

Very clever mash-up. Exactly the kind of outrageous experimental dragster that excited the crowds in the late sixties. Bravo!


Thanks, CT. That's what so fun about modeling, some random idea popping up in your head and then you get to make it a 3D reality (sort of).

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7 hours ago, misterNNL said:

Very creative and well done. I really like that front clip hung way out front !

Thanks. I probably made the most changes from the starting model on this than any of my previous models and the shape ended up pretty much matching my vision.

You can see here the yellow is the original 33 Willys.1768848142_DSC04741reduced.jpg.98f046126c1a24e794989064e1a196e1.jpg

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5 hours ago, FLHCAHZ said:

Fantastic body work and creativity.  Really Superb! 

Thanks. Initially, I was going to make a more traditional competition coupe (like this: inspiration.jpg.2d7c50bb345c9f0c7fef602d0ab1821b.jpg) but I couldn't not use the Willys front end and then I had to have a body in the middle and then I got creative.

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