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Alpha Model 1/24 McLaren P1 GTR


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Well, I am calling this one done. I am relatively happy with how it came out. The red turned out exactly as planned, - just the rest of it didn't.

If you decide to get this kit there a few things you should know.

1) The PE vent covers in the doors and hood do not fit at all and are the wrong shape. At least, that was my experience and I sat there for AGES trying to work out how to get them in correctly. In the end I gave up and used some other material that I cut to fit

2) The rear tail lights do not actually conform to the body properly and I accidentally broke mine trying to get them to sit right. I tried for ages to get them in but no. I thought maybe it was at what stage in the build I tried to install them but no, even after I got the rear disassembled and tried again it still didn't work

3) The clear resin head light attachment point is terrible and I chipped the top corner trying to get it off (even being careful), so extra care needed there

4) The rear diffuser is incredibly fragile. Don't ask me how I know.....


I had a lit display case turn up at my door that was rather boring in all out silver, so I painted the base black and kept the light poles silver. I also painted the graphic on the base as a slight homage to the tech that went into the real car.

Overall, it's a nice kit that fits really nicely in most places. I wouldn't rush out and buy another one but Alpha Model are the only ones producing the subjects I really like. If Tamiya match the Senna with a regular P1 - then I am so in. I don't like the styling of Senna much so am not going to get it








Interior pics:




I totally forgot to take pics of the seats and belts etc and the windows are too glossy to get a decent shot through but you can kinda get an idea

Anyways, that's it but as always, thanks for stopping in and having a look


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In spite of all the difficulties this kit gave you, the end results are well worth the effort. Beautifully Done Simon!

The matching paint scheme on the base is very complimentary to the car.

I'm just curious, do the lamps on the base light up?

David G.

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Your build looks beautiful. I love paint job and overall finish. I agree about the style of the Senna next to this one but I picked up the Tamiya kit anyway. Mostly because I heard it's a fun build. I have not tried a resin kit yet but probably will because of just what you said. There are some great subjects that are not just available in plastic.

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Posted (edited)

thanks guys. I like AM - their subjects appeal big time to me but I'd like it if they had full engine details etc to make it have more bang for your buck but can't have everything I guess - or can you? :) 

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thank you very much guys

I have to admit, I really like the red as well. It was the same shade as the 812 Superfast was originally but sadly, had to be turned black due to not having anymore Pale Burnt gold to repair it at the time

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