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Truck Overload

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Like my last overload project this one takes things a little further. The scale is 1/35, simply because, I had this vehicle on on that I did not know what to do with it. So I turn it from being a military truck to a civilian vehicle instead. This brand of trucks are sometimes used in the African regions so I thought I would use it for this build. I used whatever fits the bill, from old clothing, rubber, tissue paper, plastic, and odds and ends that I had saved in my ‘box of tricks’, to get the job done. I even added a toilet bowl to throw in some interest. The plastic yellow/orange containers are used a lot in many regions in Africa, so I painted and added them to the mix of odds and ends. I want to thank Ulf Lindgren for sending me the containers. These were 3d printed. He did and amazing job with the fine details of the containers. The drawings were provided by another great modeler, Peter Olsson. Thanks guys.

Note. I just noticed, I had forgotten to shave off the thin rubber in the middle of the tyre on top of the cab. Will try and shave it off. Otherwise, it was a fun build. Thanks for looking.



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2 hours ago, Intmd8r said:

“Wow!” Is the word that comes to mind after looking at your pictures….

:) Big smile. Glad you approve. Thanks. 

2 hours ago, cobraman said:

That's great !

Thanks. :)

1 hour ago, Tom Geiger said:

That is unique and cool!  I especially like the two characters sitting up front on top of the load!

Hehe! Thank you. Glad you noticed them. 

1 hour ago, Claude Thibodeau said:


Masterfull work, bravo!


My humble thanks. 

35 minutes ago, thatz4u said:

love the Swahili letters, Always on the Move, fits it very well, nice details

Great to see you noticed and interpreted the words. Thank you. 

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14 hours ago, ChrisR said:


Thank Sami

12 hours ago, David G. said:

An amazing rolling diorama!

David G.

Thank you. 

7 hours ago, Hi-Po said:

Totally amazing!!  Way too cool!  I love your attention to all of the small details.  Great job on the build.

Thank you Hi-po.

7 hours ago, Dominik said:

awesome. thats a outstanding built. absolute fantastic idea!

Thank you kindly. 

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4 hours ago, slusher said:

Outstanding, detail and realistic.! Just like I have seen on television! You have mad skills brother!

My sincere thanks. 


4 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

Outstanding work!  The clutter really adds to this subject.  I wouldn't want to ride on top, would be like riding a bucking bronco.

Hehe! Yeah, kinda agree. But have you seen photos of the overloaded truck with, what must have been over 100 people plus cargo riding out through the Desert? Insane what is possible. 

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