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Update #3 - building a test shot of the upcoming Moebius 1965 Chevy II Sedan Gasser Kit....

tim boyd

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On 9/28/2021 at 7:20 AM, tim boyd said:


I'm also seeing other early-mid 1960's compact bodies....the JoHan Olds Cutlass....the AMT/SMP Valiants, the Revell Lancer/Valiant, the AMT '61-63 Comets, and several years of Falcons.  In fact, I think an AMT '66-69 Falcon body, with this Nova Gasser underbody suspension, and maybe a kitbashed/blown 289 Ford V8, might be a highly cool build project....


Looks like a buying a couple of those kits for parts! I've got an AWB '65 Fairlane project waiting in the wings right now. 😆

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3 hours ago, Snake45 said:

They'd need to tool up a whole new body, or at least a new roof die. The '64 and '65 2DS roofs are different. B)

Moebius has a history of doing that (Hudson coupe, convertible  and fastback) so 🤞. Still optimistic that someday they’ll issue ‘65 Dodge RWB and AWB kits to go with their wonderful Plymouth’s

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1 hour ago, papajohn97 said:

 Still optimistic that someday they’ll issue ‘65 Dodge RWB and AWB kits to go with their wonderful Plymouth’s

Count me in as hopeful something like that might happen, someday.....TB 

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OK guys, here is a link to the album of the completed build along with associated commentary.  

In it I also address what I believe is the biggest single factor in the body leading to the conclusion of many that the top is chopped.  It can be remedied pretty easily, I believe, as I describe in the specific photo caption.  Doing so, I predict, will reduce, and possibly for some, largely eliminate the view that the top is chopped. 

Tomorrow or Sunday I will post a further update where I attempt to answer some of the questions that have been in the Forum about the body proportions, including how the body compares to the Round 2 Nova wagon reissue and and upcoming Moebius Nova hardtop.  Spoiler alert...some surprises await. 

Thanks for following along.  Everyone is, of course, welcome to provide their final thoughts, but please, keep it civil and do not falsely presume I have any other motive here than to present to you a sneak preview of an upcoming kit that I think will prove to be very popular with most of the modeling community when it finally becomes available early next year. 


DSC 0967

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That looks spectacular, Tim.  I don't own a grey model but that understated tone you have used just seems to work.  

The potential of this kit for other subjects is amazing.  I have an original AMT Nova wagon but I only ever got the body, glass and front and bumpers and grille.  I had planned to go Pro Turing with a Monogram Buick GNX floorpan running gear and interior but suddenly I'm thinking "Gasser!" And then there is the 61 Falcon sedan body that just needs the B pillars replaced - yeah, too easy! And then there is a local resin body of an FJ Holden - I can see it so clearly in my head!

I'll bet I'm not the only one to have a bare body in the stash that would practically leap on the this chassis.  Talk about shake and bake modelling! 

Thanks for giving us the chance to see this well in advance- it could even be twelve months before we see it in Australia if recent releases are anything to go by.



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Thank you very much Tim for sharing the details of this up and coming release. 

As mentioned in the other thread im not much of a Gasser fan, but this kit has sparked my interest and looks to be a fun build. That engine is just too cool.

Soon as the kit is available for pre-order in the US I will be on to it for a couple.

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Thanks for documenting the build up of this new kit, Tim. We rarely get such an in depth look at a kit way prior to its release. I will definitely be buying a couple when they become available and can see a couple areas where I feel I can improve upon the model with some simple kit bashing and extra detailing parts. 

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@tim boydThis looks good - will need to keep a look out for it when and if it gets down here in New Zealand. The Ford pickup is on the shelves so here's hoping

@alan barton Looks like Oz and NZ have been embargoed by USPS along with a few other countries due to BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH shipping conditions. So our wait may even be longer

I have heard of guys importing car parts from the US with the ship not even docking in NZ and off loading in Oz with added shipping costs to get it here

These are certainly changed times


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