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  1. I have bought several of his kits, usually at a show. They are very nice and worth the wait IMO.
  2. Any suggestions on how to make contact? I've emailed and sent Facebook PMs, NO response.
  3. They actually did have a third (Midwest) team in 1970. There was a Maverick and a Torino.
  4. I'm building three different versions of my 1:1 1968 Fairlane 500. This one represents what it would of looked like when it was new. The first photo is what it looked like in 1982 shortly after I got it. The next one is a random photo I found online. The body is from Modelhaus and the chassis is an AMT '66 Fairlane. The vinyl top is going to be a challenge!
  5. Any news on the Bill Ireland '68 CJ Mustang decal?
  6. I have quite a bit of reference material for the AFX Mustangs. Here's the H&M magazine article........... https://public.fotki.com/fordflashback/2-model-projects/125-afx-mustangs/holman-moody-article/
  7. I use this site to make license plates, then print them off on photo paper and glue them on with Elmers. https://www.licenseplates.tv/usa-state-plates.html
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