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A while back , another modeler started a thread on this kit. It caught my interest for two reasons. It was 1/20 scale and it was Ayrton Senna.  Found one on Ebay , ordered it,  and started it right away.  I finally got around to finishing mine but don't know if the other guy did.   Fun little project that occupied more of my time than I though it would.  Rest of the story is in the picture captions. thanks for looking and as always, comments welcome. DSC07217.JPG.1aa830b21eefc3ebefbe23fcb58e6eb9.JPG

First thing I did was cut the steering away and make new from brass. Non working steering is a pet peeve of mine and since this was all exposed it had to look right and work.  A little more work than i thought it would be but fun just the same.


As long as the wheels steered might was well make Ayrton look like he is doing something besides hanging on. Torso and right arm has to be modified and head glued on at an angle to look as if he is going around a corner in a drift.   Aaaahhh...much better. 


Rear view shows a little more detail on the sponsor blouse.  This did not come in the kit and was made with paper towel and white glue. Decals came out of the stash. 


I added a few extra details like the spark plug wire and brake hose.  Yellow stripes were hand painted. Tried yellow tape and decal but it just didn't follow the contours like paint. White strips on shoes are decals.  Ayrton Senna was World Champion in 1980 but this is actually his 1981 kart. He only raced it a few times as the regulations changed and by then he was on to bigger and faster things anyway. 

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23 hours ago, Safire6 said:

Nice job, I like how you modified the figure to look like he's drifting it! And great job on the yellow stripes too!

Thanks Steve....it j ust made sense to do all that. 



20 hours ago, cobraman said:

Nice work, way cool.

Thanks Ray...I'll take a "way cool" anytime.



18 hours ago, Dave B said:

That's a great build Rich, at least you can see all the work that went into the steering!!

Dave B

Thanks Dave..it was fun to do too. 


16 hours ago, 4mula1fan said:

Very nice job! Cool subject!

Thanks...I kinda have an Ayton Senna tribute going in my 1/20 F-1 case. 


3 hours ago, Pierre Rivard said:

Rich, this is a cool and unique topic and your mods are great as always.

I always love looking at your work. 

That is very gratifying to hear...thank you Pierre


2 hours ago, bbowser said:

Great little project!  I admire that you take the time to articulate the steering on your builds.

Its the first thing I look for in a kit. If it doesn't steer already ...can it be done.  Thanks for kind words Bruce. 


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