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1967 Corvair 'Sportwagon' Completed

Joe Lange

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9 hours ago, unclescott58 said:

Very nice. You need to tell us more. Is this a resin body? Or something you cooked up yourself? Beautiful. A shame Chevrolet didn’t offer something this cool with second gen Corvair themselves. Looks a bit Opel. 

'Unclescott',  You need to search under 'Corvair 'Sportwagon' in the Forum.  I posted several pieces about the resin 'kit' and in the 'Work In Progress' section.

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3 hours ago, unclescott58 said:

I never have had any luck doing searches on this site. How about a link? 

There is no link.  Joe Vondracek is his name and he casts some pieces from his location in California.  Occasionally he sells his castings on Ebay but, I haven't seen anything lately.

His email is:  randomresinjoe@gmail.com.     

On this site, all you have to do is type in the 'search box',  Resin Corvair Station Wagon   or   1967 Corvair Sportwagon.    You will see all the photos and information I posted about this casting.  Nothing to it.

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5 hours ago, espo said:

I like the smooth way the Chevelle style roof integrates with the Corvair body. The color shows off the body lines and it almost looks like the color I had on my '67 El Camino way back when. 

David,  It is supposed to be 'Granada Gold', a 1967 Chevrolet color.  So, it was probably used on other Chevys as well at the time.  Actually, I used Dupli-Color 'Sunburst Gold', which I think is a ford color, but I won't tell the Chevy guys!   

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Dayum, love this so much, @Joe Lange. Never built a Corvair cuz I always thought they were dopey and sad looking. This is expertly proportioned and cleanly executed.

Just like GM might've designed it.

Have sudden urge to pick up a Corvair, a wagon, and bash 'em together.

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