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On 11/5/2022 at 10:01 PM, BDSchindler said:

Got mine on Friday and read it cover to cover (Now I'm waiting for #217 😄 ).  I loved the article in the The Vintage Workbench on the Ala Kart.

I remember doing the review for the mis-managed The Car Room Magazine when Danbury Mint did the Ala Kart in 1/24th scale diecast.  For every review I ever wrote, for any magazine, I always did the research on each vehicle especially those like the Ala Kart that held historical significance.

Even though I did the necessary research, the article for The Vintage Workbench brought out a couple of things about Ala Kart that I never knew.

Great Issue!

A suggestion for a future issue is an overview of Texas 3D Customs parts!  They are excellent!

I was in 215 not a full review of everything I make but it was a good review/article

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What an AWESOME issue!!!!! Martin Aveyard's '30 Ford blew me away!!! It looks so dang real !! Awesome build!!! And Dennis Lacy's Deuce...another awesome build!!! Love it!!!

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What's really impressive about that build, is that it isn't THAT far away from being box stock either.  Some beautiful 3d printed parts and some masterful building - but really inspiring to see what someone can do with a relatively simple kit to make it SO lifelike!

Martin does GREAT work - and is a really nice guy...I thoroughly recommend checking out more of his work here:



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On 11/12/2022 at 9:20 AM, Michael Cook said:

You guys are killing it with the magazine, another great issue!
In particular a special shout-out to Larry Greenberg for his fantastic kit reviews.  They are easily the best that I have read in my 55+ years in the hobby.  Keep up the great work Larry!

Thanks for the kind words Michael.  Will continue to do my very best.

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20 hours ago, michaelbaskett said:

Issue #216 Finally got here on Dec 8th.....

I'd like to know why it gets to some of you guys within a few days and it takes 5 weeks longer to get here....

My sub runs out with #217.....

I'm on the fence about a renewal right now.....

I can get it in the local hobby shop faster it seems.....


There is some sort of issue between USPS and Canada Post, and the printing company / distributor used.

I'm staff, and my issues only arrived this week.


Would be nice to see it resolved. 

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